Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Summer Garden Patch

Lilly Pulitzer the Original Tote in Seeing Things

Lilly Pulitzer Critter Clutch

Well, I think My Prince may have already bought my Mother's Day gift...

...but in case y'all were wondering which Murfee scarf I'd like to have & which original tote I'd like to have (you know, as a backup for my beloved classic white Pandamonium)...Well, now you know. & have you noticed the fabulous critter clutches?! I'd like one of those, too, please.

Lilly Pulitzer Eliot Micro Gingham Shirt in Palm Green

Okay, okay, sorry - one last Lilly thing. Because I can never have too many button-downs, & this one is fantastic & has a bit of a fun retro feel to it, don't ya think?

Yes, okay, it is possibly a bit early to be thinking about Pretty Little Bare Feet's second birthday. But I think I did have a vague idea at this time last year that it would be relatively easy to pull off a cute Raggedy Ann first birthday party.

So it's fine to file away some ideas for January, right?

Because I came across that fabulous cake at Pink Cake Box, & my wheels started turning.

I am sort of picky about characters. Y'all know I have hang-ups about children's television, & one of my issues is the complete saturation in the market of everything

Disney princess,
Dora the Explorer,
Gabba Gabba this,
Spongebob that.


I much prefer classic&simple


& I much prefer book characters to television characters, etc.

(I think some characters are fine in moderation, & we do have a few Elmo things here&there. It's just the excess of it all that gets on my nerves.)

(cuteness from our little playgroup friend's second birthday party)

Anyway, so Pretty Little Bare Feet seems to like the Curious George cartoon pretty well, & she loves her Curious George books&toys. But a momfriend of mine just recently did a Curious George party for her son's second birthday (see above). & I don't think I want to do another character next time anyway - especially not one that is so mainstream.

We've pretty much already decided to have Pretty Little Bare Feet's second birthday party at the gym where we go for her toddler gymnastics class.

& I've got to tell you, I have been subconsciously itching for an excuse to buy Lilly Pulitzer party goods.

My Lil Monkey Girl Confetti in Pink&Green
Waving Monkey Door Sign in Pinks&Green
Birthday Banner in Pinks&Greens
Thank You Tags in Greens&Pinks

So...what about a pink&green monkey theme? Girly colors, but with a gender-neutral location (& monkey)? & something along the lines of...

"Come swing like a monkey on the bars
with Pretty Little Bare Feet!"


(source: American Blinds)

So as we embark upon our kitchen project...I am looking at some bold pink&green wallpapers. I want to wallpaper from the chair railing up, in the "breakfast nook," but I'm just not sure about it. The walls run right into the cabinets, & I don't think it will look good to just end the wallpaper where it meets the cabinets. But I don't think I want to wallpaper throughout the kitchen, under the cabinets, either. Hmmm.

I'll close this week's Pink&Green Thursday with a drink recipe in honor of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday! I am planning a Derby edition of "What I Want This Weekend" for tomorrow, but a drink doesn't exactly belong on a shopping list, so I thought I'd add it here for some pink&green refreshment! Enjoy!

(recipe source: Tipsy in Madras by Matt Walker & Marissa Walsh)

mint julep

  • 2 ounces bourbon
  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
  • 10-15 large fresh mint leaves
*Make a simple syrup by boiling two cups each of sugar&water together for five minutes. Cool & place in a covered container with six or eight sprigs of fresh mint & refrigerate overnight.

*Mash mint leaves & simple syrup with the back of a silver spoon in the bottom of a glass.

*(Ideally a silver cup or mug, if you've got one lying around.)

*Fill glass with crushed ice & add bourbon. Garnish with mint sprig.

*Collect your winnings!

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  1. Hi sweetie, what a BEAUTIFUL Pink & Green Thursday! I am so glad you played, don't worry about being late, there is no rush or deadline at all! Your Lilly picks are gorgeous as always and I love the image of the mint juleps with the peonies. So happy to hear y'all enjoyed the Citrus Juleps! Lots of love to you and PLBF :) xoxox