Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Checking In!

Hello to all of my fabulous, loyal, sweet followers!

I appreciate you all so much for hanging in there with me during this blessed (but chaotic!) period in my life, as we are nearing the time for our new baby boy to make his arrival. =) I have not been as present as I usually am in our bloggers' community, & I do miss it! But it's been a challenge just to keep all of our usual plates spinning around here, & keeping things as routine as possible for Pretty Little Bare Feet has been my #1 priority.

I've also been trying to get our house ready for the arrival of our new baby.

(His decor is "Hey Diddle Diddle," which I think coordinates nicely with Pretty Little Bare Feet's Raggedy Ann.)

Since he will start out sleeping in our room, there has been (& still is) some work to do to get our master bedroom ready for sharing. Eventually he'll move upstairs to share a room with Pretty Little Bare Feet.

(Our second&third bedrooms are *huge,* so I feel no guilt in having two small children share one of them, so we can keep our fabulous multi-purpose "spare" room as it is!)

So there have been some changes to Pretty Little Bare Feet's room, as well. & of course the doctors' visits are more frequent now. & of course I am...

worn out...

...I'm pretty much ready for the challenge of newborn+toddler, rather than this current challenge of pregnant mama + toddler. I can function without sleep...but...

...I miss having energy!
& mobility!
& not being so achy by the end of every day!
(Okay, okay, & yes, I miss having a g&t or a glass of wine in the evening, as well. ;))

So although I'll try to blog a bit more often in May (never meant to go on hiatus for this long!)...if I'm "not around," you can check in with me on Twitter or email me (at the address in my Blogger profile).

Again, I appreciate all of you!, & I have been enjoying what little catching up on your blogs I've been able to manage.

I am so inspired by all of the beautiful, colorful spring posts.

Please keep them coming!

(& if you are one of the many of us Southern folks that is or has been dealing with the severe weather today, stay safe!)

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Just Because" Cards

If you're a stationery junkie like I am, you don't need a holiday (or even a reason) to give a great card to somebody.

In fact, the hardest part of hoarding collecting stationery for me is that using it means giving it away.

I often save one of each design out of my boxes or sets of stationery...& if I find an especially wonderful card, I'll buy two, so I can keep one for myself. =)

(I have these in last year's patterns, & I just love them!)

Giraffes Card by Winifred Studios

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Deciding that Amy Butler is Not Just for Children's Items...

(via: Amy Butler)

Until my recent determination that I would have to roll up my sleeves & shop harder ;) to find the best&cutest in all things little boy...

...I had been under the impression that Amy Butler was simply a recognizable designer of almost-always-adorable fabric.

(&, having failed miserably at my resolutions to master my sewing machine, my familiarity with Amy Butler has been mostly limited to Etsy searches.)

However, during my recent exploration of lots of new (to me) baby style blogs & online baby shops, I came across Amy Butler & quickly realized there is so much more to appreciate!

Dream Traveler Carry-On in Tobacco Temple Doors by Amy Butler at Layla Grace

Bath Towels by Amy Butler at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Bloom Fabric Shower Curtain by Amy Butler at Bed, Bath, & Beyond

& of course there are still so many lovely children's items to be found on Etsy, as well...

Baby Bib in Cherry Wallflower by Amy Butler at the Scarlet Poppe Boutique

the Modern Reversible Pinafore in Vintage Dots & SunSpots by Blue Morpho Designs

Ready for Spring Flutter-Sleeve Peasant Dress in Morning Glory Fabric by Amy Butler at Personalized for You

(FYI...Amy Butler will be featured on the fabulous exclusive sale site Rue La La tomorrow! & I'm also super-excited that the Lilly Pulitzer boutique will be open at Rue La La later this week...I have always been very happy with my Lilly purchases from Rue La La! If you are not a member, just email me at the address in my Blogger profile, or DM me on Twitter.)