Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blonde Ambition

In honor of the release of Sex & the City 2 this weekend, my mama & I decided to try out one of the cocktail recipes I saw recently in Us Weekly.

Blonde Ambition

(created for Samantha)

*Combine 2 ounces Skyy Infusions Pineapple, 1 ounce fresh lime juice, 3/4 ounce triple sec, & 3/4 ounce creme de cacao in a shaker with ice. Shake & strain into a martini glass.

(Well, I sent my mama to the liquor store to buy the pineapple vodka, as that was the only ingredient we did not have stocked in our liquor cabinet. I didn't specify a brand, & she got Smirnoff, so that is what we used. I can't imagine it made much difference! It was yummy!)

(Although maybe the difference in brand explains the difference in color? I followed the measurements correctly... Or maybe I just didn't have a photo stylist to "pretty it up" for a photo! Whatever - it was delicious! My mama couldn't quite appreciate the chocolate flavors combining with the hints of pineapple, which is ironic, but I absolutely loved this cocktail!)

You can also go find cocktail recipes created for the other characters, including

Glamour Gal
(for Samantha);
Mr. Manhattan
(for Mr. Big);
Park Avenue Princess
(for Charlotte);
& Red Over Heels
(for Miranda).

My mama & I are dying to try the Park Avenue Princess next!

(Oh, & I also recommend the film! I know it's getting awful reviews, but it is fun&funny! & it is full of great fashion! It's not like it's trying to be deep. ;))

One last thing...

If you love Lilly Pulitzer as much as I do, you will want to enter this fabulous, generous Murfee scarf giveaway at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. I know I've mentioned her before, but this blogger is absolutely one of my favorites - both for her blog, & for her genuine, sweet character!

Go visit -
whether for the giveaway,
or just to check out her fantastic blog!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What I Want This Weekend, Sex & the City 2 Edition

Here are my favorite pretty things I came across this week,


Sex & the City 2!

that I need to convince My Prince to dole out the cash for...

I think this is pretty much the first dress we see Carrie wearing in the film, & it is absolutely one of my favorites!

(& my very favorite boutique, in the city we used to live in, has one in my size! ;))

(source: People)

Miranda shows us the best style we've seen from her yet! I was amazed at the evolution in her style (especially from way back when we first met her), beginning with the fabulous Julien Macdonald gown pictured above, which she wears to somebody's wedding in one of the first scenes of the film. Since I can't even find it available to buy anywhere...I am going to guess that it will not be something My Prince would want to budget for...;)

I did find some other fabulous Julien Macdonald apparel at Net-A-Porter - not that I think My Prince is going to find any of them necessary purchases either!

Hand-Crocheted Mini Dress by Julien Macdonald

Stretch Georgette Swim Gown by Julien Macdonald

Pretty much everything about the ladies' luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi is


& the caftan that Carrie lounges around in on the morning that she reads her New Yorker book so fabulous!

But apparently that must be a scene that doesn't have any stills released yet...
...& that caftan must be vintage...
...or for some other reason not marketed all over the place for me to find it to share with you!

So until you're able to go check it out for yourself (& do keep an eye out for it when you go see the movie!), here are some other delightful caftans that have me wanting to lounge around a resort setting ASAP!

Honestly, I can't believe that my very favorite fashions from the film are from Carrie's & Miranda's wardrobes. I am definitely a Charlotte!

But the other standout in my memory is Miranda's fantastic fedora! I am seriously thinking I need to own a fedora...?

& I guess I must really be growing up...

(Although the bartender at the cinema lounge remarked when he carded me that I look like I "still report to homeroom every morning!" Ha!)

...with all of that fabulous fashion, I've got to tell you, I walked away from Sex & the City 2 absolutely drooling over all of the wonderful upholstery&wallpaper!

There just aren't enough stills available to share all of the great eye candy from the film - you are just going to have to go see it yourself! A couple of wallpapers that have the same "feel" as some of the other great ones from the movie...

(Y'all are just going to die when you see Charlotte's girls' room...& their bathroom, too! Amazing!)

(source: Home Portfolio)

(Lots of lovely damask, as well!)

T.G.I.F.! What SEXY STYLES do YOU want this weekend?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Well, as I've mentioned, it seems like everybody I know is expecting a baby. In fact, now that the week from he playgroup coup reallocation has taken place, three of the six ladies in my "new" (laid-back & much more fabulous) playgroup are pregnant.

(I'm not!)

So between the recent increase in baby showers & nursery discussions, in addition to my general interest in these subjects, I have come across even more adorable finds of this nature lately. & of course some of them are bound to be pink&green!

Baby Bib&Burpee in Riding the Waves Lilly Pulitzer Print at Pink Crocodile Designs

As the great kitchen project keeps getting put aside continues, I've been thinking recipe cards...

Palm Recipe Cards by Exquisite Papers

(both available at Fine Stationery)

(both available at Kent Creative Ink)

(Pretty Little Bare Feet, back in the day)

My old iPhone case was a seriously blinged-out choking hazard to the little girl that regularly drools on it.

(& a bit young-looking for an aspiring-to-be-posh mommy.)

Fortunately, I found this stylish upgrade.

& guess what? It fits my old, old first generation iPhone (of superior quality, in my opinion).

Sadly, the one I liked better was a hard case that I knew wouldn't fit my old-school iPhone.

Agenda Case for iPhone by Kate Spade New York at Apple Store

(But I quite like the one I bought! =))

I am pretty old-school when it comes to music...I started hating "what the kids are listening to" back when I was still a kid.

(With exceptions, of course, as with everything. Some of my favorite songs are very much relatively modern pop, though not necessarily mainstream...& I often run to dance, hip hop, & rap.)

Anyway, I've been on an R.E.M. revival lately. Mostly inspired by this:

(It's my favorite thing to pull up on our DVR for Pretty Little Bare Feet, just to lift the general mood of any day!)

But it's had me thinking about CDs. Remember CDs? Remember actually having the cases for your CDs? What a gorgeous display I could make out of some of the pink&green best of the old-school album cover art!

& then...

there's just...


Attack of the Hummingbirds by Sisavanh Phouthavong

Landscape II by Itzchak Tarkay

Dancers in Pink by Edgar Degas

Pink&Proper by Janice Trane Jones

Laurel by Alphonse Mucha