Monday, April 5, 2010

My Style Monday, April 5th, 2010

Once again My Style Monday is a topic that is only too appropriate for where my head is at right now. Just a couple days ago, I was asking y'all what your thoughts were on our turning our patio into a screened porch? We're seriously considering it, after spending time in two former patios/now screened-in porches, over the weekend.

(Ha - then I might really have a screen door, y'all!)

Relaxing screened porch/sunroom inspiration...


...I could put real, pretty pillows on my big wooden porch swing...
...Pretty Little Bare Feet could have a sandbox...
(& play in her bare feet without me worrywartin')
...& we could all relax almost outdoors
- without worrying about being eaten alive by skeeters!

(source: Trulia)

(Okay, now I'm definitely keyed up to start looking at making this a reality!)


  1. I love the windows in the Trulia picture but the Rate my Space room is amazing. I would die for it! Of course you will have to incorportate a little bit of pink and green:o)

  2. yay for the red stripes in the last picture!

  3. Agreed to all of the above! I especially love when I find reader-submitted photos like on Rate My makes me feel like I can do it myself, since supposedly there was no professional decorating or staging!

  4. All of those are soooooo pretty! When you get yours done I wanna come see! xoxo

  5. Love the red in the bottom photo! It looks like someplace I want to relax!