Monday, April 26, 2010

My Style Monday, April 26th, 2010

I love that our third bedroom is big enough to do double duty as a guest room & a home office. There is a big television & a couch, so My Prince can almost use the guest room area as a "man cave," when we aren't entertaining guests.

(Well, if he ignores the pink walls...they were from the previous owners! I just like them fine & haven't done anything to them yet. ;))

& the office really gets to act as my office since I am staying at home right now, & My Prince has his own fancy pants office that is quite a bit bigger. ;) I have

of books,

& we don't have enough shelves for them all. I also need a new desk.

But it is nice to have a place in the house that is ridiculously feminine & all "me" with no consideration to men or toddlers. There are legitimately file cabinets & that sort of boring thing, as well, so I can actually get away with calling it an office. ;)

But if I had my way...

(source: Pottery Barn)

(This actually looks very similar to what I've got going on now!)

(source: Decodir)

(Red&turquoise! Yay!)

(source: Ideal Home)

(This is perfection!)

(Who needs a desk, if you can "work" in a room this lovely?)

(Even just the smallest little nooks can be so chic!)

(source: Martha Stewart)

(A corner "office space" that was once upon a time just an armoire.)

Pretty Little Bare Feet & I are embarking on a project to get our kitchen as close to "dream kitchen" mode as we can get in this house.

(Well, without actually getting new appliances, cabinets, counters, flooring, etc.)

We've set ourselves a little goal of being done by the end of May. Y'all be sure & hound me about it, so I'll stay on top of it. My kitchen has a lot that I already love about it, so that's why I gave myself such an "easy" little project for right now - a room that's already on its way. With the cookbook shelf project underway, & the hunt for the memo board on; I just thought now would be the perfect time to "finish" the kitchen!

(As though anything is ever "finished" in our homes, right, ladies?!)


  1. I want all of these girl! All I have is my little armoire in the living room...blaaah! I love the first one and the turquoise and brown...ahhhh so pretty! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  2. Sara these are all so beautiful, how do you choose? I love that image from LHJ with the built in bookshelves and the exposed brick wall, that is a cute place to work! Wish I had something like that off my kitchen. I have a pretty girly little office but I would love to have so many of the ones you posted above!! Hope your week is off to a great start! xox A hug to you and PLBF :)

  3. there are too many to choose. I'm going to have to have a desk/work area in every room in my house and then some.

    Following your blog too. Stop by mine when you have a chance - thanks girly.