Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Want This Weekend, July 22nd, 2011

So here are some pretty things I've come across this week,

from some blog
or catalog
or friend
or magazine
or another;
or just from my own browsing&shopping&surfing,

that I need to convince My Prince to dole out the cash for...

I'd buy this pillow for Pretty Little Bare Feet's bed...

...but I wouldn't necessarily object to it getting left in our living room either. ;)

How do y'all feel about high-rise jeans? I love skinny jeans for fall because they are great with boots&sweaters. But I haven't really tried high-rise cuts.

Just a couple more weeks to go before I can start running again, & thus allow myself to check the scale again. I was able to lose the baby weight after having Pretty Little Bare Feet, most within two or three months, all within five months...

...Anyway, I have a couple pairs of J Brand jeans, & they are some of my favorites, but I have completely worn out one pair (the shoreman sailor jeans) because they button in a way that allowed me to wear them when I was in that transition period between my normal size & maternity clothes (during both pregnancies!). So I think a new pair of J Brand jeans will be a nice reward for myself after I get back to getting in shape this fall.

Love everything about this top.

The color,
the drapey fit,
the embroidery.

& Nanette Lepore is one of my favorite designers, especially for tops. They always fit comfortably & look nice.

Bowen Dress in Perfect Afternoon by Lilly Pulitzer

I think this is my favorite dress that I didn't get to buy/wear this summer of being pregnant/postpartum. I think I'll keep an eye out for it to go on sale someplace...

Nice Stems! Collection by OPI

While my toenails are freshly painted...

(Pretty Little Bare Feet's, too! - we had a spa date last weekend!)

...lately I haven't been able to visit my friends at the local salon that I get all of my (current) OPI nail lacquers from. I just love this summer's little mini-collection, though, especially I Lily Love You (light pink sparkle) & Come to Poppy (shimmering coral-pink).

T.G.I.F.! What do YOU want this weekend?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

He's Here!

Well, it's been over a month since I last blogged...but most of you know what a good excuse I had for my absence...

My Little Man!

My Little Man arrived on June 22nd. He's two weeks old today! Pretty Little Bare Feet couldn't be more thrilled to be a Big Sister. My Prince had to go back to work yesterday, but my sweet mama is still here helping out. In fact, she just left to take Pretty Little Bare Feet shopping (again), which is why My Little Man & I are able to take a second to update y'all on what's been going on around the Screen Door.

I'm sure blogging will be sporadic for another month or two. A big thank you to all of y'all for bearing with me & being patient while I've neglected the blog this summer, to focus on the most important things! Once Pretty Little Bare Feet gets back to her little Montessori nursery school routine, I'm sure I'll be itching to get back to my "blogging while the baby naps" routine. In fact, I obviously need a new header (since My Little Man isn't in my current one!), & I'm envisioning a whole overhaul in design around here...soon enough. For now, I'm thinking it's time for a quick nap. ;)

(Yep, that's really My Prince & My Little Man in that photo. Isn't my sweet stepsister ohsotalented?)