Monday, February 20, 2012

Tory in the Fall

It's hard for me to even wrap my head around fall/winter collections, but that's how the fashion world turns! Even though I've been drooling over the new spring/summer collections for children for weeks now...

(& praying for some warm, sunny weather!)'s time to look at what we (adults) will be shopping for in the fall!

My favorite (ready-to-wear) collection I've seen yet? The always chic Tory Burch!

Here are my favorite looks from the Tory Burch fall/winter 2012 runway show:

What runway looks have you ready to fast-forward summer & kick off football season?

(If you're like me, there are not actually any clothes worth skipping summer for!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinteresting Update

So you know how a few weeks ago I was musing about Pinterest & not getting excited about it?


...I got excited about it!

I've been thinking maybe I could maintain the blog better if I got rid of some other "clutter." I'm thinking about just following all the bloggers I follow on Twitter on their actual blogs...


...& then deleting the Twitter account.

(or at least giving notice of its abandonment)

I'm not the greatest at maintaining my (personal, private) Facebook account, but I do it just to keep in touch with those I wouldn't otherwise easily keep in touch with.

So if I could stay relatively current on

& Pinterest...

...I'd feel "connected" enough, I think. More so than I have been, anyway! LOL

(& I'm behind on email, as usual...)

So tell me, how do *YOU* maintain your social networking?

(while presumably having a "real life")

& do you keep your blogger identity separate from your personal contacts?

Happy (long!) Weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brrr...It's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

We've all been sick off&on for the better part of two weeks now. Yuck! Pretty Little Bare Feet started coughing a couple weeks ago, which turned out to be just the first symptom of an ear&sinus infection. My Little Man picked up part of it & had his own little double ear infection last week...& on top of it, the poor little guy is cutting about four or five teeth all at once! Since I am awful about remembering to take care of myself, it's unfortunately no surprise that by this last weekend, I had an ear&sinus infection of my own, with laryngitis to boot.

So it is a cold, sniffly Valentine's Day here in the Screen Door household, but while Pretty Little Bare Feet was staying home sick from nursery school last week, RSV showed up in her classroom. So we are just most grateful to be missing all of that worry!

(Big knock on wood!)

I am continuing to hold out hope that springtime will show its pretty face sooner rather than later.

Some of my favorite Valentine finds this year...

Have a Happy, Lovely, Wonderful Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 3, 2012

What I Want This Weekend, February 3rd, 2012

Here are some pretty things I've come across this week,

from some blog
or catalog
or friend
or magazine
or another;
or just from my own browsing&shopping&surfing,

that I need to convince My Prince to dole out the cash for...

I'd probably wear this with a black sleeveless top underneath it. With all of the constant weather changes this year, lightweight layering is pretty much the best way to go!

(& I never even heard whether that groundhog saw his shadow...)

So cute for a Valentine's Day statement, but perfectly classic for anytime, too!

Pink&Green Paper Butterflies Wall Decor by Simply Chic Lily

Pretty Little Bare Feet's bedroom is mostly gender-neutral - which is good, because one day we (may) let her & My Little Man share it. There are lots of touches of femininity, though, such as the pink minky glider rocker & ottoman, & several pieces of ballerina art on the walls. Pretty Little Bare Feet herself gets more&more girly every day, & I know she'd be fascinated by these 3D butterflies on her bedroom walls. They could also be used as beautiful decor for a party!

Bobbi Brown, one of my favorites, co-designed this limited edition scarf with Echo Design (known for their fabulous scarves). Sales from the scarf benefit the organization Dress for Success, & what I really love is that they are straightforward about how much actually goes to the nonprofit - $20 for each scarf, which is a pretty generous donation! Read more about it here.

(Also, it's just a really, really cute scarf that would effortlessly add style to basics.)

Colorful Plush Alphabet Magnets by Beeper Bebe

I know all of y'all fellow mamas probably have the obligatory alphabet magnets. & some of you are probably in the same boat that I'm in - your preschooler has completely taken over the refrigerator door, & you're only left with the freezer door! ;)

(Okay, & I admit that I use some of the side of the refrigerator, too - hey, we get a lot of really cute invitations & photos, & the memo board on the pantry door can only hold so much!)

But I think such priceless works of art should be complemented by stinkin' cute magnets like this set, rather than the little primary-colored plastic ones, right?!

T.G.I.F.! What do YOU want this weekend?