Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

"I wish..."

I could splurge on the Saba/L leather shoulder bag by Jimmy Choo, without leaving a gaping hole in our bank account!

I need an oversized bag, as even though I've transitioned from the diaper bag era, I still like to be able to carry

everything under the bathroom sink,
everything Pretty Little Bare Feet could need,
plus a book,
a magazine or two,
my planner,
& the White Dog... know, if I need to. ;) & this bag is made from a classic, gorgeous chocolate leather that would go with everything, & would dress up everyday mundane errands.

Honestly, though, even though we live in a pretty nice area, where a pretty substantial amount of residents make good money; there seems to be a serious lack of materialism around here.

(I would share my theory on why that is, but then I might as well broadcast my street address to the internet. =p)

Seriously, though, I think people were more concerned about status in the little one-redlight town where I grew up than they are here! I've certainly encountered more


awareness in other cities I've lived in, in between high school & now. So, it's highly unlikely much of anybody would notice or recognize if we maxed out some plastic to invest in this bag.

& I'd fret about Pretty Little Bare Feet wiping her sticky little bare hands all over it!

So I'd rather stick to buying classic handbags from my familiar favorite designers,

(Although, I swear even though I have at least one item by each of those designers, I think the only labels I ever carry that get routinely recognized are Coach & Vera Bradley. Not that I dislike either of them - on the contrary! But when eleventh-graders are carrying knockoffs of my Coach handbags, I have the desire to seek out something a little more chic.)

The handbags I buy, from the above designers, are of better quality&style than the average mall chain store or Target offers. But I won't need to take a sedative if Pretty Little Bare Feet colors on one of them!

& since I missed last week's topic, I'll answer it in the briefest of brief little answers, here at the bottom of this week's post:

"I wish..."

I could win the lottery REALLY soon, & I would hope to continue to stay at home with Pretty Little Bare Feet. It surely would be a lot easier on us if we won the lottery, though, as it would obviously make it easier to budget for one salary, if we had a backup stash of lottery money to dip into!

I am educated,
& I have enjoyed working;
but I feel like being a full-time wife&mother is fulfilling,
especially right now.

I am grateful that My Prince is also dedicated to allowing for me to stay at home with our child while she is little. I intend to take the Bar exam next February (since I missed the deadline for this July, & that will be the next time it's offered), but honestly...if I won the lottery, & paid off my student loan debt, I'm not sure I would necessarily feel a need to practice law. I do enjoy parts of law practice, & I do believe there are parts of it that I am good at. But I think there are other things I'd enjoy pursuing more...

maybe even opening a business one day...

if the economy ever feels friendly enough for my

to find a footing. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness. That Jimmy Choo would look awfully good slung around my arm. ;) HA! That one will have to go on my wish list too. Maybe after I graduate law school and pay off my loans (so, when I'm about 50?) :)

  2. I love all of those bags! I actually just saw a really adorable pink plaid madras bag at LL Bean for only $30 for the large! I may order it. I think that Bean has improved their look lately...

  3. You have great taste! The bags you like are lovely! I really like the LeSportSac bag with the Lilly prints!

  4. I am making you play WW every week because your post was so interesting!!! I love it and your bag choices!

  5. I know I already commented once. (I know, I'm a comment hog) But, I tagged you in an award. You were the first person outside of my family who actually followed me on Blogger, so THANK YOU! :)

  6. My advice, don't take the Bar....stay home as long as you can. I spend every day figuring out how I can get to do exactly what you are doing. Work is not fufilling, and giving up material goods to stay at home is well worth it. In 20 yrs you won't have regret like me.

  7. I love the Jimmy Choo bag! The Kate Spade one too!