Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Second Pretty Blog Award

"Y'all like me! Y'all really like me!"

You know, I don't know that I've ever even seen all of that movie that Sally Field got that Oscar for, when she carried on about y'all really liking her, but I think it's hilarious that

My Prince doesn't even know who said those lines,
or where she said them,
yet even he is guilty of occasionally blurting this out.

I do at least know where the origin of the "Y'all really like me!" carrying-on came from.

(Anyway, she's been excellent in so many I am thinking about Steel Magnolias again this week, & Sweet Tea & Biscuits has got plans to get me thinking about it even more! I guess I might as well just go watch it this afternoon! ;) It is a Southern classic)

Anyway, I am pretty tickled that y'all like me. I sure do like blogging & getting to connect with so many fabulous, inspirational ladies who have

such wit,
& such good taste!
& such nice manners!

So many compliments & thank yous!

(Where have all the good manners & proper etiquette gone these days? Apparently to the Southern blogosphere!)

Seriously...a big, big thanks!!! to the adorable, awesome Kitchen Belleicious. Please go check out her blog if you haven't yet. It is everything I could hope my blog could aspire to, & I am pretty darn tickled with myself that she gave me an award this week. =)

(Ooo...& I'm even more tickled that it's such a cute award! Y'all know how I like cute!)

So, in keeping with the rules of receiving the award...

  • I am sharing with you six of my favorite blogs that I think are over the top...

( Sally Field over the top...I like them! I really like them!)

  • I am going to go let all of these wonderful ladies know I'm giving them this award...
(...while you go over & check them out to see why I'm giving them this award!)

  • & I'm going to smile & pat myself on the back for receiving this award...
(...I love that a little bit of self-gratification is included in the rules of this award - blogs take attention to detail, & time, to keep pretty&updated - I think awarded bloggers should smile for a minute & be happy they received an award! Kudos!)


  1. Awwwww - thanks!!!!!

    When my besties through me a surprise 40th birthday party, I used Sally Field's line too!!

    Thanks for the sweet award!

  2. Hi, Sara! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I left something for you. :-)

  3. thank you so much girl! you are too sweet! I guess its that southern hospitality in you:o)enjoy your weekend!