Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Want This Weekend, CWDKids Edition 2010

Here are some pretty things I've come across this week,

from the CWDKids catalog,

that I need to convince My Prince to dole out the cash for...

I am sure all you mamas are familiar with the CWDKids catalog.

(I have to admit that I was not familiar with it until I became a mama.)

I am not sure how they found me, but their catalog is always one of my favorites to receive in the mail - we all know how much I love to shop for Pretty Little Bare Feet!

& I've got to tell you - I am pretty excited that I believe I can start shopping for some size 2T clothes! Pretty Little Bare Feet is just barely holding her 18 months clothes up (the britches are especially droopy); but I am hoping maybe I can safely buy size 2T clothes for next spring&summer. I am just a bit afraid to buy anything bigger than the ubiquitous size 24 months for the colder months, though.

(Even though the jury is out on the actual difference between size 24 months & size 2T. & yes, I have heard all 737 reasons that they are supposed to be different - but none of them consistently apply! ;))

For me, the excitement of size 2T lies in the fact that so many darling brands of children's clothing don't even include anything smaller than size 2T.

(& many of the ones that do seem to save their most precious designs for the 2T&up set!)

Anyway, I am old-fashioned in so many ways. & one of them is in finding delight in flipping through an old-school catalog with real, glossy pages. Although obviously I do my share of browsing online, I keep a special little magazine rack in our guest bathroom filled with only my very favorite (current) catalogs. We receive an awful lot of catalogs, it seems, although not nearly as many as we did at our last address. But only the best of the best get to stay around (I hate clutter!), & CWDKids always makes the cut!

CWDKids carries a lot of my favorite brands of children's clothing. It's almost like a

"boutique catalog;"
but then it also carries some of the classics,
like what you'd find in an upscale department store.

So there is a good variety.

They actually carry a lot of my favorite brands that are already hanging in Pretty Little Bare Feet's closet (or stored in one of her toy baskets, as the case may be), including:

When we arrived back home after our trip, I found that:

Not only had I neglected to go through any of the mail I had taken with us on vacation...
(Duh, I should have known better than to be that ambitious!)
...I had also managed to leave my email(s) unchecked for long enough to rack up something like five or six hundred emails.
& for added fun,
we had a pile of mail waiting for us when we got home.
(Of course!)

So to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed, I've been playing to my A.D.D. by

going through real mail when I grow tired of email;
reading or running when I tire out of all kinds of mail;
cleaning or doing laundry when I start to feel like a sloth;
then going back to the email.

Slowly but surely!

So far, my favorite catalog of this recent stack has been CWDKids. & Pretty Little Bare Feet always appreciates when I post about what I want to buy for her.

(Or at least that's what I consolingly tell myself, to try to make up for the fact that I shop more for a toddler who'd be happier naked, than I shop for myself anymore!)

Ruffle Tee in Daisy by Mulberribush

Monogrammed Crayon Purse by Princess Linens

Polka Dot Dress in Green by Hartstrings

Little Kelsea Coral Print Dress in Lime by Lilly Pulitzer

(all available at CWKids)

T.G.I.F.! What do YOU want this weekend?


  1. You have great taste, Sara!

    I bought that Kelsea dress in the same print for both Kate and I for our Florida vacation next month!

  2. Thank you for the great post on our recent catalogue!

    In the next few weeks, we will be previewing our fall line. We would love to hear what you think.

    Ashley, with CWDkids

  3. Ohh the things you learn when you're a momma! I am taking note :)

  4. You're not kidding, everything really is adorable! Pretty Little Barefeet will be looking so stylish.

  5. Sorry for the double comments... but, o my gosh! I just noticed that you put up my button! This is 1st time I've seen it out and about :)

  6. Further proof that I neeeeeeeeed a lil' girl. HA!