Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishful Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

"I wish..."

I hadn't lost my Bobbi Brown cosmetic brush collection.

I don't think you can even buy the collection that I had anymore. I bought it 2008, after I had a Bobbi Brown makeover done at my favorite boutique in the city we used to live in.

(all available at Bobbi Brown cosmetics)

The collection that I had contained all of those brushes, & they were all full sized. It also had a lip brush that is apparently no longer available (mine doesn't retract). I think there was a bronzer or powder brush of some kind that I hadn't used either - I don't remember because I didn't use it! I had also purchased the powder puff, separately from the collection, for applying the sheer finish loose powder from my creamy concealer kit. The brushes came in a black faux-leather zip-around case that had a billion little pockets for brushes, even more than the brushes it came with.

The last time I remember having the case was back in March. I know that I had it to apply makeup while My Prince was driving us to a party. I think I remember having it in my vehicle that following Monday morning, when Pretty Little Bare Feet & I were going to&from our playgroup.

(She often sits on the master bathroom counter, & plays with my [unopened] cosmetics while I am getting ready, & I *think* I remember taking the case from her & putting it in my tote...)

Anyway, I am not sure if I misplaced the case somewhere, or if Pretty Little Bare Feet got it & put it somewhere...but after a month or two of looking for it, we gave up & decided to replace the brush collection. It pained me, though, as I hadn't really looked at the cost of the collection when I first bought it - I probably wouldn't have bought it if I had thought about it! & there were a couple of brushes in the collection that I didn't even use. But when we looked for the collection that I had, we couldn't find it available anywhere. & just replacing the brushes I used, a la carte, was going to end up costing more...

Sooo...I ended up putting together

a random hodgepodge of cosmetic brushes,
some from Bobbi Brown,
some from other brands.

It was kind of a big pain to put a cosmetic brush collection back together piece by piece, & I had just bought conditioning brush cleanser to clean my old brushes when they got lost! So that is why I wish I hadn't lost them!

So here is what my new (but sadly, not improved) "collection" consists of:

(Mine is actually green, but whatever, I guess that's different now, too! I use it for my HD microfinish loose powder by Make Up For Ever, which is seriously some of the best stuff ever created!)

(I use it for my brows.)

Cosmetic Bag by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

(I got this little baby from somewhere - Neiman Marcus, I think? Anyway, when I got it, it had a mini brush collection with it, which included the blush brush, eye shadow brush, & eye liner brush that I had before I lost my collection. But they're mini-sized, which makes me kind of sad. *sniff*)

Mini Eye Applicator Set by Sephora Collection

I also bit the bullet & replaced the full sized original versions of my concealer brush & eye shader brush from Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I was lucky enough that neither my original powder puff nor my original lip brush was in the case that went missing. So I still have both of those.

Sunshine Cuties Clear Pencil Case by Harajuku Lovers at Sephora

(Well, you know...since that little Bobbi Brown cosmetic case that I got couldn't hold the full sized brushes, I had to get a new pencil case to hold all of my brushes&pencils.)

Page in Hip Hop Hooray Print by Lilly Pulitzer for LeSportsac


*Drum roll, please!*

Today My Prince went & picked up my beloved, long-awaited Lilly for LeSportsac train case.

Hip Hop Hooray! Guess who's reorganizing her cosmetics tonight!

( do a post on the actual *contents* of my makeup collection?! Or is that OCD overkill?!)


  1. My bestie and bloggy partner is a Bobbi Brown ADDICT. She's about sold me!

  2. Oh that is depressing considering how expensive and nice Bobbi Brown makeup is. Save up and just take the plunge!

  3. So sorry about your brushes. Usually when I finally decide to replace something I've lost, it turns up. Go figure. As for the brushes, you can't forget Bobbi Brown's Face Blender (the white brush). I use that one the most, for my bronzer, but to also brush over everything to make my face look smooth without patches. :)