Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, Disney Edition 2010

Well, since we are soon embarking on our big adventure to Orlando, I thought I'd devote this week's Pink&Green Thursday to the Mouse himself.

I can't really envision carrying this for myself...I am pretty sure I've grown out of both my Minnie Mouse accessory & my Dooney&Bourke phases.

But I believe my very first "designer" handbag was a Dooney&Bourke, which I received as a gift from my father&stepmama when I was all of about ten years old. I carried it pretty much all the time, for at least three years or so, & loved it until its worn-out death. That was back when they had the little duck head on the front, remember? & you could tell a faux knockoff from the real thing by making sure the little duck's head was turned in the proper direction? Anyway, Dooney&Bourke's popularity faded, at least where I lived, until they had a resurgence at some point when I was in college, & I acquired a couple more.

But while the occasional colorful Coach handbag still catches my eye, I've been spoiled by carrying a Rebecca Minkoff handbag for too long - now I seem to think I can't "go back."

But even though I can't picture myself carrying this little pouchette, it is something I can absolutely see Pretty Little Bare Feet carrying around in a few years. I am not so silly as to actually buy her one when she is this young! That's one of the reasons I've held onto some of my old handbags&wallets - she can play with carry those until she's older!

No, I am not planning on adding these to my regular golf wardrobe - not that there would be anything wrong with anybody doing that! I am just not sure I am young enough to dress with characters adorning my clothing anymore - even subtly! But I do think they'd be adorable, even on somebody my age, if I were playing golf - or maybe even just sightseeing - while we were at Disney World!

Yes, there is in fact a matching dress for women...

But I just don't think I could do it. Maybe. I am not opposed to occasional matching. I love the idea of Pretty Little Bare Feet & me wearing some of the matching Lilly Pulitzer dresses for mamas & their Minnies. But I believe most of those dresses are generally designed just a bit differently, so that a toddler isn't wearing the exact same fit&style of dress that her mama is wearing, even if the print is the same.

I'd certainly have to try it on & see...

...but either way, that pink&green Mickey Mouse dress for girls is as cute as can be!

I'm pretty ticky about the "Disney princess" trend. It's that whole annoyed by characters that are oversaturating the market hangup of mine...but I'm not opposed to all Disney princesses. I just have a preference for more classic, understated clothing&toys for Pretty Little Bare Feet. & that sweet little pink bodysuit fits my bill. ;)

Custom Boutique Lime&Pink Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Halter&Capri by Lil' Bug Clothing

Well, we did already buy a little pink&green personalized mouse ears tshirt for Pretty Little Bare Feet. & it's a bit late to buy this little outfit to pack in the suitcase...but oh, how adorable. This little shop definitely just got added to my Etsy favorites!

Do go & check out another fabulous Lilly Pulitzer giveaway going on from our Pink&Green Thursday host, Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. She is giving away

a Lilly beach towel,
& Lilly drink umbrellas;
& a Lilly Pulitzer for LeSportsac umbrella!


  1. So jealous! Disney World is my favorite vacation spot :) Hope you guys have a great time.

    That last outfit is super precious! I like how the Minnie Mouse is more "subtle" and the polka dots are just perfect.

  2. How fun! I love Disney World! I hope you all have great weather and a great time!

  3. How cute! I need to get the pretty play suit for my niece! Have a sweet day!

  4. Oh Sara, you are such a darling friend, and I am so thrilled that you are gearing up for a fun family vacay to DISNEY!! WOOHOOOOOO!! So cute for you to play up Pink and Green this week in PLBF's honor. :)

    When is your trip? Do you have time for a phone date soone? I would love to girl talk - let me know!

    Love you sweetie xxoo

  5. I was just at Disney Wednesday. Prepare yourself... It is HOT. However, we had a fantastic time. Enjoy your day where dreams come true!