Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Want This Weekend, August 20th, 2010

Here are some pretty things I've come across this week,

from some blog
or catalog
or friend
or magazine
or another;
or just from my own browsing&shopping&surfing,

that I need to convince My Prince to dole out the cash for...

I have to admit I've been glossing right by my emails from Francesca's Collections for the last few months, maybe even since the last time I posted about something from them that had caught my eye. However, just as I was thinking there was no reason to continue to subscribe to their emails...this lovely little dress appeared in my inbox & got me to thinking maybe it was indeed time for a trip to their shop to see what else they may have up their sleeves for fall. Isn't it divine?

Allium in Pink on Canvas by Avalisa

You are so right! I should have posted this yesterday for Pink&Green Thursday! But it didn't fit with my little camouflage theme, so it didn't get in. However, I think it would be absolutely lovely hung

in a bathroom...
...or a kitchen...
...or a little girl's room...

& do go check out the Avalisa website! There are so many fun little whimsical designs to squeal about!

Anyway, speaking of things that didn't make it into yesterday's post...

(both by Ragsland)

There I am perusing the Ragsland outlet this afternoon - as I was alerted by their Facebook page that they are offering an additional twenty percent off in the outlet today - & I see those two cute little girls' accessories that would have been parfait for yesterday's post. D'oh!

But if I may go back to the first train of thought for this post...

...Francesca's hasn't been the only "mall store" that has been failing to entice me with their latest ads&emails. I haven't been to Gymboree in ages either. But I must say that their emails haven't been featuring their best selection. Upon closer inspection, I did manage to find some cute potential school clothes to spend my accumulated Gymbucks on!

(all available at Gymboree)

Did everybody score some treasures at the absolutely wonderful Lilly Pulitzer online sale? I just about hyperventilated when I saw the prices.

(Of course, I've never been to a warehouse sale. Would it be worth an airline ticket? Fly up, stock up, fly back? I'm half-serious...)

I was trying so hard not to pay attention to the crossed-out prices on some know, the prices I actually paid for them before they were marked down.

I had to tell myself,

"It's okay, Sara. You were able to carry/wear that all summer, so it was worth the investment."

Anyway, now it truly feels like fall, at least in Lillyland:

(Yes, yes, yes. I want one in each color!)

Vinyasa Pant in True Navy

(I remember way back, months ago, when a couple of my favorite ladies from Lilly HQ were tweeting with us fans about yoga pants...& look what they were cooking up for us! I love these - they will be great for lounging, running - &, oh, yeah - yoga!)

Jonah Printed Ponte Dress in Bright Navy Don't Be Koi

(This is My Prince's favorite dress from the fall catalog. I hope that means I'm getting one! ;))

(This cardigan is just asking for me to wear it to fundraisers & room mom meetings this fall. It's that perfect balance that I need to look *mature* enough to be taken seriously as a professional, or as somebody "appropriately old enough" to be a mama - no offense to the youngest mamas out there, but I do get the occasional assumption that I am a teen mama, which is annoying in some ways, yet flattering in others...But the cardigan is also chic&colorful. & they pegged me just right with the, "If your closet tends to lean towards the dark side come colder months..." I think it'd be super-cute over one of my thousand little black dresses.)

Blayney Ruffle Dress in Turquoise Let's Get Ginky

(Perhaps my favorite dress for fall. I don't know...I get excited about a different one every day, it seems like! How about you?)

T.G.I.F.! What do YOU want this weekend?


  1. Oh you have picked some lovely pieces for this post. I hope you have a fab weekend, my will be
    dining out, catch-ups for coffee etc...just what I like.

  2. Those bangles are soooooo fabulous! I want one...or five. HA!

  3. All fabulous picks!! You have some great taste, my friend.


  4. Lovely picks! I saw the Jacob dress in person at Pink Palm earlier this month, and it is beautiful. I'm torn between that and the fall dress I posted on my blog. Trying to be good, though, because I still have vacation coming up.

  5. Did you know that they Blayney dress has pockets!?! It didn't make my list, but after discovering the pockets earlier today I'm reconsidering!

  6. I die over those dresses! Truly stunning! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great post. it's funny how similar our Lilly likes are!

    Sending you a smile for the week ahead,