Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Honoring Bumpkin

It has been a truly sad week for many of my blogfriends, as we learned the shocking news that the

& kind

lost her sudden unexpected battle with ovarian cancer. If you were not a follower of her blog, please go familiarize yourself with this fantastic

Southern belle...

someone who is really, truly going to be missed by many.

I was consumed earlier in the week with Pretty Little Bare Feet's beginning school, so I was mostly just shocked to learn the news, as I read posts&updates about Lisa on my iPhone, in between all of my goings-on.

I wasn't sure how to feel - other than sad&shocked, obviously.

I wasn't sure

how to respond,
if I should respond,
when to respond.

In the last couple weeks, of course I'd noticed

absences on my favorite blogs,
guest posts,
messages&notes of concern...

& now it was all coming together in such heartbreaking detail.

But I didn't want to impose on anybody,
as I sometimes still feel like a relative newcomer to these blogging circles,
& I had only begun my own friendship with Lisa back in June.

Still, she wrote me some of the sweetest emails. We had found each other through Trish, & we had been looking forward to getting to know each other more. Lisa had become a loyal, welcome follower of my blog...& I was always touched by her blog posts, as well. Especially her outlook on the senseless oil tragedy in the gulf...Lisa was both honestly realistic, & still unfailingly optimistic.

Today, I am inspired by my beautiful friends Julie&Trish, to contribute my own little humble, quiet tribute...

This, my first ever Wordless Wednesday, is for you, Lisa...

(via: Angela.)

(via: MadeByGirl)

& though it's always hard to say goodbye...

(Lisa's swing via)

Swing in Heavenly Peace...
12/29/69 - 08/08/10


  1. I think that was a lovely tribute to our one and only Lisa.
    xxxxx Dj

  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to Lisa, it's an enormous loss for so many people she touched.

    Hugs to you,

  3. This is so sweet and beautiful. It makes me want to cry yet again...

  4. I am so sorry that you lost such a wonderful friend. I did not know Lisa, but she was certainly loved by those who did.

  5. It was easy to love our Lisa based on just a few of her emails and/or posts. She was so precious that way. Thanks for this post.

    Blessings and Bumpkin style hugs,

  6. Beautiful post ~ I know that Lisa would have loved it! She continues to bring many of us together and I know she is smiling down upon us from her big swing in the sky.