Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preferred Catalogs: Home Decorators Collection

As I've mentioned at least once or twice before, I am not one of those environmentally-conscious folks that shudders in horror at the exorbitant waste of paper every time I find a catalog in my mailbox.

(Although I have tried to ensure that we don't receive catalogs that I don't actually want to look at...still, there are a number of catalogs that I quite enjoy looking at!)

Of course most of these retailers have great online sites that have even more to offer than the catalogs themselves, but there is just something about turning those glossy pages that makes the whole "shop-at-home" experience so much nicer than just mindlessly browsing on the ol' MacBook.

I've been a bit of a catalog junkie since I was a little girl, hoarding away my own little stack of my mama's&granny's catalogs,

to peruse at my leisure...
...or play "store" with...
...or eventually cut "paper dolls" out of.

But now I just keep my favorite, preferred catalogs in their own special rack, editing out the "old" editions as soon as the new ones arrive. Sometimes I'll feel ambitious enough to actually mark favorite items with a Sharpie...

(particularly if there might be a holiday coming up! ;))

...but I usually just make mental notes of my favorites, & then try&recall them if I happen to be doing some online shopping at their sites later.

Anyway, I just recently mentioned a favorite or two from a couple of my very favorite catalogs, Lilly Pulitzer & Vineyard Vines. So let's look at something completely different today!

There are probably at least a dozen or so home catalogs that I receive that I enjoy looking at. I love to mentally redecorate...

(don't you?!)

...although there really are some areas of the house I should actually roll my sleeves up for & get to work in. But until that "nesting" phase kicks in, I'll just share with you a few of the things that struck my fancy in the most recent Home Decorators Collection catalog!

(February is gone...& with it, hopefully, my lack of motivation for checking email, updating the blog...& well, I won't be so optimistic as to hope that I'll actually become more active on Facebook or Twitter...but you never know! ;))


  1. That is one of my favorite catalogs too! I too, have a stack I love going through. When I'm done I put my magazines in the guest room in a basket, and catalogs on a tray in my office. ahhh…I think I must look through it again today, as I'm in need of a new rug! Have a good one and thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love all your pictures but had to write to tell you I was dying when I read your comment! Firstly I've been meaning to have an Oscar party for about 15 years! AND the other party I keep meaning to have is a Derby day party. I'm determined to try to do it this year.

  3. That argyle accent table is so pretty! That would look so clean and nice in a sunny office area. I always thought that I'd order some magazines to make my apartment seem "homey" when I moved away, but never got around to it. Maybe it's time! :)

  4. I love that monogrammed tray and those monogrammed glasses!

  5. I have those Old Fashioned glasses, and I adore them!! One of my most favorite purchases post-college ever :)

  6. I'm drooling over that fabulous accent table!