Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dress Like a Preppy...Rock Star?

Once upon a time, I posted about compromising the seeming conflict between camouflage chic & classic preppy. Today, ponder with me whether there are easy solutions to bridging a similar divide between preppy...& punk rock!

(Hint: I think you can add one little detail from almost any trend to an otherwise classic preppy outfit, & generally pull it off well. Also, I think there is one word that edgy street stylistas & preppy fashionistas can all agree to love: glam!)

(As always, please excuse my obvious struggles with Polyvore...& idk why I can't center the images...*sigh*...)

& just for fun, a few "rock star" (ish) pieces I love, which can be subtly added to any chic classics you (or your chic little one) are already wearing every day!: