Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Change of Seasons!

Are you as excited as I am?!

I am so ready to spend more time outside.
I love seeing all the beautiful flowers&trees blooming around us.
I love all the spring&summer holidays.

While browsing the always fabulous Martha Stewart site this morning, I was delighted to see a colorful feature on spring decorating ideas. Some of my favorites:

(all images via: Martha Stewart)

I was particularly inspired by the tablecloth in that last photo...but I'm just not sure I currently have the patience to do my own embellishments in the way that the tutorial instructs. It looks easy (& fun!) enough, but my energy is so zapped these days that if I have a "free" ten minutes, I'd rather "rest my eyes" than be crafty. ;)

So if you're crunched for time (or energy!) like I am, you may be interested in some other tablecloths I found that fit the spring mood. I always find that changing the tablecloth in our dining room can really change the feel of the house!

Floral Tablecloth by Blossoms&Blooms at Kohl's


  1. Hello spring and hello friend!!
    I've missed ya!! Love all these images. So glad it's spring. We must talk soon. Call me or text me sista. You've left me hanging way to long. LOL

  2. Happy spring, sweet girl!! I'm in agreement with Daphne- I've missed YOU!! It's my fault, I've been scarce with the commenting lately :( I have been thinking about you though, doll! Hope all is well :)

  3. Oh Spring...you make me want to shop! I bought some new linens for the kitchen table, and for my room. I'm trying to stop there, but your pictures....swoon!

  4. ooh, i like these! especially the 2nd and 3rd martha pics and the butterfly tablecloth at the end! i'm a college student, so i don't yet have my own place, but all the time i am spotting ideas for my someday home!

  5. Love the spring colors! Maybe once the snow predicted for tonight here passes, we will finally see some spring.

  6. Beautiful and fun!! Have a fantastic weekend, darling :)

  7. That pretty yelllow dresser from MS ... beautiful!

  8. I love hearing other women I respect saying that they don't always have energy for Martha's suggestions! (And I don't even have the legitimacy of the reason for lack of energy that you do!) The bunny tablecloth from Williams Sonoma is darling, and I love the coasters and pillows too.

    Happy spring wishes back at you!