Monday, March 21, 2011

Whale of a Time

Having been the mama of a little girl for so long...

(well, two years, anyway)

...I've always noticed that when buying the odd gifts here&there for little boys, it seems much harder to find seriously cute little boy things. I mean, I often find adorable pieces of little girls' clothing on the clearance racks at Target! Although I do prefer to look a bit harder for most of Pretty Little Bare Feet's clothing&things, it is nice that I can occasionally find sweet little random things in the everyday places.

Now that I'm shopping for a little boy, however, I am satisfied that there was truth in my hunch that little boys are much harder to shop for. Unless you want your little boy to wear a constant rotation of bright, silly tees that say cheesy things in large graphics across the front, you're challenged to look a little harder for classic, more appealing options.

Fortunately, my mama knows my tastes, & she has been shop-shop-shopping away for her new grandson that is on the way. & although I am doing his nursery decor in "Hey Diddle Diddle," I have also found that a lot of my favorites from what my mama has been buying feature whales!

(Which shouldn't be a surprise, considering how much I love Vineyard Vines & all things nautical&whale for myself, but I guess I just haven't had a reason to consider what "little boy motifs" I prefer until now!)

So, in recent whale-watching, some finds I've been enamored with:

Stripy Logo Jumper in Tomato/Whale by Mini Boden

Flip Flop in Navy&White Whale by Miss Trish Splash at Nordstrom

(Okay, yes, so some of these whale finds are for me! ;))

"Tattoo Whale" Slip-Ons in Ocean by Robeez at Nordstrom

Mush I in Little Whale Blue by Teva at Piperlime

(Nope, can't help myself when I find something cute for Pretty Little Bare Feet either!)

Vineyard Whale Flip Flops in Asparagus by Vineyard Vines at Zappos

(& every now&again, I even find something cute for My Prince! Though to be perfectly honest, last year the madras flip flops by Vineyard Vines that I bought for myself were actually men's!)

Card Holder in Green with Navy Whale by A. Tierney

Bib&Burps Set in White Whale by A. Tierney

Happy Whales Mobile in Green&Yellow by Flensted Mobiles at Design Public

Brother Whale Shorts by Granny B's Clothesline

Whale Birthday Invitations by Cards with Care

Urban Zoologie Whales Pillowcase Dress by Baby Harrill

Moby Bath Spout Cover by Skip Hop at Layla Grayce

(We already have this little guy - & we love him!)

Oceanside Sleep Pants in Clear Blue with Whale at L.L. Bean

Wilbur the Whale by Kootie Bug Designs at the Monogram Merchant

Pink Inflatable Whale Pool at Pottery Barn Kids

Whale Holiday Flat Photocard by Boatman Geller at the Preppy Princess


  1. Your little boy is going to be the best dressed baby boy ever! I love the whale theme (plus, you can get some awesome VV clothes). You're going to make me get baby fever, and am I WAAAY too young and busy for that to hit yet! :)

  2. SO adorable!!!! I love whales!!!

  3. Found you through my Mom, Preppy 101... LOVE this!! I have so many girlfriends who are pregnant right now... these look like the best gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love those Whale Tongs. Have to agree with Legally Lovely above... he will be one well dressed baby boy!!

  5. ALL so so cute! i love the brother whale shorts and pillowcase dress!

  6. I am dying over everything you found... you are amazing! The faucet cover is the best, and those darling little outfits almost melted my heart, and that's without anyone in them! I really like the card case as well, I have to leave before I click on any more links and get in trouble!

    Sending you a smile, thank you for brightening our gloomy afternoon!

  7. That whale bathtub is the most adorable and hilarious thing ever! I have a baby shower coming up and I think I'll give it as my present!!! Thank you for the idea!