Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I had really good intentions of doing a Wishful Wednesday post yesterday. But I honestly couldn't come up with a good post for what I wish I hadn't thrown away. I am about the furthest thing from a pack-rat you can find!

(Seriously, ask My Prince. He'll tell you what he wishes I hadn't thrown away. ;))

If I had more mental energy right now, I might could've come up with a creative way to still write a post for that topic.

But a decline in mental energy does still allow for me to share pretties for Pink&Green Thursday!

So, I'm fairly certain I haven't shopped at Delia's since college (although I did love it during high school & college), but that pillow has me ready to request a new catalog!

In fact, I love most of their Serafina Villa collection!

(Reckon they'll still have all that when Pretty Little Bare Feet gets to be a teenager? ;))

(Tracy Reese "Folk Song" bedding collection, & Tracy Reese jacquard towel sets in fuchsia & green.)

Speaking of pretty pink&green bath&bedding...did y'all happen to catch the Plenty by Tracy Reese boutique on Rue La La? It is open for another day! Email me if you need an invitation.

(Oh, & y'all know I logged on the minute the Lilly Pulitzer boutique opened today! I was good, though, only buying one dress - the "Kelan" in lifeguard green. I figure I need to stay within a shopping budget since we're going to Disney next month.)

I also found some gorgeous pink&green items on the Tracy Reese site...

"Vivian" in Spearmint

"Anastasia" in Crocus

All those gorgeous frocks reminded me that there are a couple other dresses of pinks&greens that I wanted to share...

(Pretty Little Bare Feet enjoying a rock fountain at the botanical garden.)

& in closing, since Pretty Little Bare Feet & I just spent the most fabulous morning playing outside at the botanical garden...

I love Melissa&Doug toys. They are

& just lovely to look at.

Pretty Little Bare Feet's favorites are her fill&spills - she has the mailbox, as well as the picnic basket.

& since she loves playing in water so much (as you can see above!); I think she would love that adorable sprinkler!

...& I am all for allowing my little dainty princess to get

& muddy,
& have fun playing outside...

(I did when I was a kid!)

Classic Turtle Sandbox by Little Tikes

I also love Little Tikes. I mean, we all grew up with them; & I love that the classics from when we were kids are still classics today! Pretty Little Bare Feet loves her Cozy Coupe (of course she has the princess edition). We also recently bought her that little pink swing, which hangs perfectly from the pergola on our back patio. She can swing in it while

My Prince,
the White Dog,
& I

swing in our old-fashioned wooden swing. & one of these days, if/when we screen in the back patio, I'd also like to buy her one of those classic turtle sandboxes.

...& there's no reason outdoor play can't be pretty! & yes...sometimes even pink&green!


  1. Loving ALL the dresses that you posted (even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to pull off any of those looks. >.<).

    Seeing that turtle sand box definitely brings back summer memories from many years ago :)

  2. That pink and green pillow is fabulous!!! Love it.

  3. I love the whole collection from Delia's!!! The curtains are adorable!!!

  4. Hi Sara! Fabulous Pink & Green Thursday as usual, you are amazing! I don't know how you took PLBF to the botanical gardens, did everything else on your agenda and still managed to pull this incredible post together?! :)

    Have I been under a rock? Seriously, I had NO CLUE about the Delia's collections...soooo cute! Those pillows are perfection!

    Your Rue La La picks are perfect, Tracy Reese rocks and that crocus shift is stunning!

    PLBF playing in the rock fountain just melts my heart. Is it wrong that I want one of those blossom sprinklers just for myself?

    Love you friend, thanks again for playing and congrats to you for posting on Thursday! I know that made you proud! ;) In all seriousness, I truly appreciate the amount of detail and throught you put into EACH of your posts, remember, it is ALWAYS the thought that counts and you my dear are one of the most thoughtful bloggers I know!

    Enjoy your weekend beautiful! xoxo

  5. What a fabulous Pink & Green Thursday! I am in love with all the dresses that you posted! Especially the Rope Tank Dress! That is simply adorable! Seeing the picture of the turtle sandbox brought back wonderful memories! I used to play in mine all the time!