Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, May 20th, 2010

My mama just returned from one of her random little getaway trips. Luckily for all of us in the Screen Door household, my mama always does a lot of shopping on her spontaneous road trips. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that we had somehow overlooked summery pajamas in 12-months sizes, for Pretty Little Bare Feet. We have quite a few long, fleecy ones. But it has been steadily warming up, & Pretty Little Bare Feet just isn't quite big enough for her summery 18-months wardrobe.

(& her wardrobe in that size is brimming over, let me tell you!)

Anyway, my mama stopped by today with goodies for everybody, but Pretty Little Bare Feet was the clear winner of the most bounty. My mama went to a Carter's outlet store, & she brought back so many adorable outfits&pajamas that we should be set until Pretty Little Bare Feet is ready for that next size up! & knowing me as well as she does, my mama was sure to pick out a lot of

bright florals,
& pink&green.

We've also been reading a lot of pink&green books lately.

Tipsy in Madras by Matt Walker & Marissa Walsh

Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book by Patricia Hannigan

Social Climbers by Beth Dunn

Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster

a Girl & Her Gator by Sean Bryan

My stationery obsession has got me itching to host

a baby shower,
bridal luncheon,
or party... I can order some pink&green goodies from FineStationery.

(Or maybe I should just order some new personalized stationery for my already overflowing collection of stationery.)

I thought there were some to-die-for pieces of green furniture on the C.R. Laine furniture sale on One Kings Lane.

& in case you're wondering - yes, there are in fact more pink&green beauties to be found on the C.R. Laine site!

& I'd like to say thank you to "a Southern Belle on Paper", & Juleps & Jon Jons, for honoring me with the "versatile blogger" award. These are both fabulous blogs that I've had the pleasure of following lately, & we share a lot of the same interests&tastes!

The award is green, so I am allowing myself to close this Pink&Green post with it! ;)


  • List seven interesting things about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

1. I love fishing. My pawpaw used to take me out fishing when I was a little girl, & those are some of my favorite memories with him. I also kind of love surprising the heck out of somebody (usually a man) when I bait my own hook & cast a line with ease. I am hoping that maybe My Prince is going to be able to take Pretty Little Bare Feet fishing for the first time on Memorial Day. We realize she probably won't stay interested for very long, but you never know! Sometimes she surprises us!

2. I've never lived in Mississippi, but I was born there. I'm the teensiest bit bitter that my mama drove across the state line into Mississippi to give birth to me.

Not that I don't love all of you Mississippi ladies,
but I am an Alabama belle,
& that birth certificate really interferes with my pride.

3. I just have absolutely no idea what we will name any other children that we have. I had my daughter's name picked out from the time I was a little girl, about nine years old, when I read it in a book. I am so far behind on falling in love with the perfect name if we have another child someday. This is an especially big dilemma for a baby name dork enthusiast like me!

the Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg

4. My Prince & I grew up in the same small town, & went to the same high school. But we were not high school sweethearts. In fact, we didn't even really get to know each other until we were both off living away for college/professional school. We just both happened to be back at home hanging out with mutual friends one weekend...& well, it was looove at first sight!

5. Not only am I about to participate in a "playgroup coup," but I am also joining up with an "unofficial" book club that is branching out from my official book club. I feel like such a mommy rebel. ;)

(But can you believe I am loony enough to add a second book club to my plate? Ha!)

Playgroup Rocks Snapsuit by Glam Mom New York

6. Whenever I am traveling "back home" to the small mountain town where I grew up, the closer I get, the thicker my Southern drawl gets. I swear it is beyond my control. It will start happening before I've even gotten out of the car or spoken to anybody from there!

Southern Greeting Cards by Piecefully Home

7. I talk in my sleep. & I am really, really funny - at least according to the stories My Prince tells!

Seven blogs I'm passing this award on to:

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  1. Oh my word, love it all! Love the baby clothes, the furniture, how you and your hubby met...all fun!

  2. Hi sweet, sweet Sara, girl I tell you what, you never cease to amaze me with your Pink & Green Thursdays, I mean SERIOUSLY! You are incredible and go to so much thought for your readers! I can tell you that I personally appreciate every little part of them!

    Those little Carter's outfits are wonderful, I LOVE Carter's and they are my go to for super cute, inexpensive jammies and play clothes for my nephews and nieces. (The parents like them too, bonus!) :) So thoughtful of your mother to pick up such stylish outfits for PLBF!

    Love all your book choices and I didn't know about A Girl and Her Gator! How cute! I'll have to cruise by the children's books next time I'm at Borders. Love it!

    I'm dying over here from all that cute stationery, the fairy princess is amazingly precious, as are those darling wellies! I've stayed away from OKL for the last couple weeks, knowing I could get myself in serious trouble, plus with it being wedding/graduation season I am spending lots of money on others right now, which is always a good thing. That sofa and chair are darling, isn't it amazing we're seeing that quatrefoil pattern all over the place these days?!

    Congratulations on your fabulous "green" award (heehee!) I LOVE that you are into fishing, that makes you even more adorable to me! That little first fishing cap is to die for, and I know you'll have fun fishing with PLBF next weekend :)

    How did I miss the fact that you were an Alabama Belle? (for some reason I thought SC - shame on me!!) Although I was a Louisiana baby, I lived in Florence AL for 8 years, from 3rd grade into my Sophomore year of HS. Great great memories! (Oh and LOVE Southern Belle tshirts, aren't they the best?)

    You and hubby are too cute, nuff said!!

    Playgroup coup, eh? Must hear more about this! And you are one busy little mama to take on another book club, but you are like me a total overachiever, so I give you props sista! :)

    I am the same way girl, the minute I step off the plane and the longer I am at home my accent comes on really thick. It's hilarious when I call my corporate office in NYC and they are like WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! Total out of Sweet Home Alabama style, seriously.

    I am going to end this ridiculously long comment by saying that you are a sweet little Southern doll and I love you to pieces! Mwah! Have a fabulous weekend! xoxox

  3. Just found your cute blog! Love it! What a wonderful pink and green Thursday. I know Trish loved it! Those baby clothes definitely caught my eye. Great taste on all of these images. Glad I found you.

    xo, Your Newest Follower

  4. How on earth do you always seem to find the cutest things!? Seriously - everytime I visit your blog I'm inspired to buy stationary or pink and green clothing. :)

    Also, thank you for the award. My new blog will be up and running this week, so I'll work on my answers and put them there! I love that your accent gets thicker when you head home. I never have an accent in Ohio, but when I head back to WV, I always seem to end up with a twang. ha!

  5. aw i love pink and green together! the stationary is my favorite! so pretty! have a good weekend! xoxo

  6. Love it!!!! Thanks so much, sweet girl!