Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sips of the South: Southern Recipe Boxes

I am so excited that I've found so many cute ladies blogging away about so many shared interests that I hold near&dear to my heart. & y'all are so friendly&sweet, too!

This post is my first contribution to the Sips of the South series. This was started at the adorable Sweet Tea & Biscuits, a blog I just started following & already love.

(& do check out her giveaway, too; but hurry, it ends SOON!)

(Ladies were instructed to open their family heirloom boxes & knock the dust off...Some good Southern home cookin' recipes are the goal here.)

To be sure to properly represent the Southern theme of it all here, I decided to share one of my favorite recipes that features pecans, the South's favorite nut.

(Well, aside from Britney Spears. Ha!)

In the South we can find a way to work a pecan into any dish, & we even call calorie&sugar-laden pecan-topped treats like sweet potato casserole "side dishes," so as not to interfere with our dessert plates on Thanksgiving day.

(Because, hey, the main ingredient is a vegetable, right?!)

But as you may remember, I am a baker at heart, & desserts are my weakness.

I believe this recipe came from an old Junior League cookbook. I've been wanting to join the Junior League ever since I graduated college (& thus retired into alumna status in my beloved sorority) & moved back South. But we haven't stayed anywhere long enough yet! However, now that it looks like we've actually

finished collecting degrees,
& gotten our roots (re)planted,

I hope to join my local chapter during their next provisional period, after I've met the residential requirements.

*Please note that these are not "turtles." To make turtles, however, you can undercook this mixture a bit, roll into a ball, & place on wax paper in refrigerator before dipping.

Oh, by the way,
how do YOU pronounce it...?

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  1. Not sure how I missed this until now -but this sounds super yummy. You are right girl "Pee-can" to the offical nut of the south. Pretty sure granny never made a brownie or a chocolate cake without pecans on top :) Thanks for joining in on sips of the south