Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Pretty for my Blog

Thank you to Short Southern Momma, for this pretty piece of blog love (it's my first award!). =) I love her blog, & it inspires me. She also has a great giveaway going on right now!

Rules for the tag-ees:

  • List ten things that make you happy.
  • (Try to do one of those things TODAY!)
  • Tag ten bloggers that brighten your day.
  • Make sure to link back to the person that tagged you!

Ten Things that Make Me Happy:

1. DVR. Without it, I'd never watch anything on television. Thanks to DVR;

I don't watch hours upon hours of television every day,
& it takes me months longer than the actual run of most shows to actually complete a season of the show;


I am still able to remain relatively current in the realm of pop culture,
without having my television on during the day when Pretty Little Bare Feet is running around the house.

2. Baby name blogs&websites. One of my many quirks is my obsession with baby names. I had Pretty Little Bare Feet's (real) name picked out when I was about eight years old. I read it in a book. That being said, I'm already behind on picking out our next child's name (unless it's a boy, as I picked another one out of a book that I read during college). I started collecting baby name books when I was about six or seven years old, & being an only child, I could spend hours of time making up imaginary games using baby name books or listing names I read or saw on television. Finding others out there who are as obsessed as I am (or, better yet, way worse than I am) with baby names...well, it makes me feel more sane. & it satisfies an interest that isn't always as fascinating to

my family,
or My Prince.

3. Karaoke. I LOVE to karaoke, & one of these days, I'm going to find some like-minded folks around here to go hit up karaoke with me. I was somewhat of a regular at several places throughout my college years, & I am way out of practice.

It is cheesy.
It is fun.

& although I like to think I'm a decent singer, the best karaoke stars are those that sing badly - & loudly.

4. Playdates. I am so grateful for playdates. Pretty Little Bare Feet is the only daughter in my group of momfriends, & she's the youngest.  Amazingly, each of the other momfriends in our circle is really, truly a cool chick that I'd be happy to hang out with whether we had toddlers the same age or not. We meet each Monday morning, & I can't tell you what a difference it makes to start the week off by socializing with good friends.

5. Running. I love to run. I enjoy other

physical activities,
& workouts,

as well, but I am happiest running. Before I had Pretty Little Bare Feet, I was averaging six miles a day, several days a week. I haven't joined a gym in the town that we are living in now, but there is a space in what some people would consider our "breakfast nook" that My Prince & I are planning to fill with an elliptical soon. I can't wait!

6. Holidays. See my previous post. We are in the middle of Valentine season, & I have already

taken Pretty Little Bare Feet's "Valentine photo card photo,"
picked out the Valentine photo card for this year,
& additionally picked out Valentines for Pretty Little Bare Feet to give her little boyfriends.

I am excited that our friends have also decided to do a special Valentine playdate, & I will have an excuse to find something cute&pink to bake for the occasion.

We are ordering

the matching address labels,
& the coordinating mini petite cards.

7. Lilly Pulitzer. Um, have you seen the new Spring 2010 line? It is fabulous.

(This particular Pandamonium original tote has shot to the top of my must-have list.)

I have my fingers crossed.  I have directed My Prince to my closest Lilly Via Shop to do my birthday shopping. He always does well. One of my Christmas gifts from him was the Lilly Pulitzer Dayle printed knit top, & I wear it to death under cardigans right now.

8. Good hair days. I have a lot of them, especially if straight hair is "in," as my hair is naturally very straight & very thick. Lately it seems like I'm having even better hair days than is the norm. I went to my usual beauty shop, that I've been frequenting since I was a little girl, about two weeks ago, & although I didn't get anything other than my usual "trim-up-the-long-layers;" I did request

two darker blondes & a light blonde, for my colors;
rather than
my usual two light blondes & a darker blonde.

Loving it. & my hair seems to be holding curl better lately, too, which is usually very hard for me to achieve!

9. My house is still decorated from Pretty Little Bare Feet's birthday party, & I've decided to leave it mostly decorated until later this week. It was so much fun, & I really didn't stress about it as much as I had figured that I would.

10. The White Dog. She makes me happy because

she curls up next to me,
no matter what I'm doing,
or where I'm sitting;
& she is the epitome of


(Oh, & she also loves Lilly Pulitzer.)

I tag...

Thank you all for your inspiring blogs! I am grateful that you make entering the blogosphere so friendly&welcoming to a busy mama that can't quite make the time commitment to perfect it just yet!


  1. Thank you! That's very nice of you.

  2. you rock girl! Loved your list! Thank you so much for wanting to play along! You can post when ever you like. Can't wait to read! XOXO

  3. I am so glad you found me!!! Yay for new blogging buddies!

  4. Awww what a ca-ute puppy! I have a malti-poo and she is the light of my life, haha! Cute blog btw!

  5. Thanks, y'all! I love my spoiled rotten furbaby!

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  7. Thanks for the tag! I love this idea & your list! I'll definitely be doing it very soon.