Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a Boy!

Wow, where have I been the last couple weeks? A bit of everywhere.

I survived the grand celebration of Pretty Little Bare Feet's second birthday. We had a fantastic turnout to a fun birthday party at a children's museum.

I did some slight variations on a theme using the Taboo print by Lilly Pulitzer.

Since that particular print has been discontinued from the Lilly line of party goods, I had to bring in lots of other coordinating touches - which ended up being kind of fun!

(I did find the Taboo invitations & some of the Taboo party tableware at the Preppy Princess. If you are not familiar with this fabulous shop, or the delightful blog authored by the Princess herself - you are really missing out! You'll want to be sure & add the Preppy Princess to your blog&shopping bookmarks!)

We also had a fabulous bakery create a customized cake, using the Taboo napkin as a guide.

Cute Candy Damask Elephant Appliqued Long Sleeve Tee by Oh Sew Cute Designs

& Pretty Little Bare Feet wore a precious little pink elephant top I found on Etsy, that coordinated well with our little "theme."

Anyway, I can't believe all of that was only one week ago, because then it was such a whirlwind week! I've been drowning in


& then this weekend we celebrated my birthday!

(I turned twenty-one for the eighth time...that makes me twenty-eight, if you're not in the mood for math. ;) I figure I can keep getting away with "twenty-one" for as long as I receive comments such as the one made recently by our neighbor, telling My Prince that I didn't look old enough to be a mama, & asking him to "say hello to your teenaged bride." Ha!)

But the big update is that we went & had our "big" ultrasound done on Friday - & we were (pleasantly) so surprised to find out that we are expecting a baby boy in June!

& although this is not a personal blog...

(so I won't be getting all TMI about baby names, belly photos, & heartburn!)

...this is a blog where we love to talk shopping! & I am entering a whole new realm of baby boy shopping! =)

Big Pony Polo in Bright Lime by Ralph Lauren

Ooo, I am going to have so much fun!

Hope y'all have a fabulous week!


  1. The party sounds like it was adorable!

    ANDDDD a boy! Yeah! How exciting for y'all.

    Best Wishes,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Looks like the party was just as pretty as could be! Gorgeous cake ... Happy belated birthday to you and Little Bare Feet!! A baby brother, she must be over the moon happy! Those are adorable boy items ...xo HHL

  3. Your party sounds like such fun! I'm sure Pretty Little Bare Feet loved it (and looked precious in that elephant shirt).

    Congratulations on your baby boy! You'll have fun dressing him up cute too!


  4. CONGRATS!! I am so excited for you guys. And what cute outfits :) I am always so distracted by the cute girly dresses that I sometimes over look the precious baby boy clothes.

    And the party looked amazing!! Good work!! xoxo.

  5. The party for Pretty Little Bare Feet looked adorable! I am so excited about your "boy" news! Little boys love their mamas and carve out a special place in your heart!

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Stay 21 forever!

  7. Congratulations!! A little boy will be so much fun :) And on being a "teenage bride"...girl, just run with it! Good for you!

  8. Oh, what a wonderful party! I am in love with the Taboo themed cake you had made, it is darling! (Thank you for the kind words, you know we were tickled to play any role at all.)

    Congratulations on the big news, I have long loved little boys clothes and shoes, something about tiny Top-siders and Converse tennies always gets to me. The clothes you picked above are darling!

    Sending you a smile Miss Screen Door,

  9. What a wonderful birthday present: a baby boy!!! Boys are the best...

  10. PLBF's party looks so wonderful!! And congratulations on your bebe boy!! He's going to be the most handsome man in town!!!

  11. WHOOOO HOOOOOOO...Baby Boy...OH momma you are gonna be so IN LOVE with that little man. My favorite (one of my favorites) is snuggling my little boys when they have been with their Daddy because they smell like him. SO sweet. And hearing "my momma" from those little guys makes my heart melt. So thrilled for yall. Will pray God's blessings on your pregnancy.

  12. They have great boy stuff now...let the shopping begin!

  13. It sounds like your little girl had an absolutely lovely birthday! And congratulations on having a boy! That's so exciting!
    xo Josie

  14. Boys love their mamas! congrats on your happy news! I love baby boys in daygowns!

  15. I love the elephant theme! SO sweet!