Monday, January 3, 2011

Preppy Polka Dots

I love polka dots...especially for Pretty Little Bare Feet. & I love them on gifty things like

lunch boxes,

But I am never sure if polka dots look appropriate on me. I am sometimes drawn to them, only to decide after seeing myself in a photograph that perhaps it was too bold (or too "young") of a choice.

However, after seeing Keira Knightley rocking some polka dots on the January cover of Vogue UK, I've been inspired to look around a bit for fresh ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

There is clearly nothing immature about the way she's wearing these dots!

Being of a petite frame, I am always concerned that patterns or prints will overwhelm me. & that makes me sad because I am so often drawn to colorful, pretty patterns&prints!

But I'm thinking...

Clearly anybody can pull off the polka dot look on their socks! This is actually a place that I often do wear polka dots. =)

Okay, so this probably is too young for me. But I think with

a little black cardigan over it,
some black tights under it,
& some classic black pumps...

...I could make it more suitable for a "grownup?"

Okay, so it takes a little more moxie to don polka dots on your shoes than just your socks, but how cute are these flats? I'm thinking a solid sweater & some fitted jeans would really be taken up a fun notch with these on my feet!

Well...I did say I love polka dots for Pretty Little Bare Feet! I've been dying to find a perfect little pair of rain boots for her. Yet I never do think to look for any, except when I'm at Target, & their selection hasn't wowed me yet. These are so cute, though, & the price is fantastic. How fun for spring!

I know, this is another way-too-easy polka dot addition, isn't it? But I think it's darling&sophisticated all at once, & I desperately need a new wallet. I got the one I'm currently carrying literally two years ago, as it matches the baby bag My Prince bought for me when Pretty Little Bare Feet was born...two years ago.

(Hmmm, I wonder if there is a baby bag that matches this wallet...?)


  1. Love polka dots!!! Happy New Year!

  2. oh honey, you know I love some polka dots!!

    They are just "happy".

  3. Lovely polka dots! I have to say though, if you're seeking a good wallet, I highly recommend the continental wallets from Tory Burch! They are amazing, high quality, & so much room I often use it as a clutch!

  4. Cute stuff!!! I love polka dots!!! Keira looks great on the cover! :)

  5. I myself love polka dots!! As if you couldnt tell! I do find them hard to pull off as adults. You found some really cute stuff! You're blog is super cute btw :)

  6. I love polka dots too, but sometimes I worry that they make me look too young!

  7. I have a SERIOUS love of polka dots -- definitely one of my favorite prints. I love that Juicy wallet!
    xo Josie

  8. J'adore polka dots! Kate Spade has a darling polka dot dress out right now!

  9. I do polka dots whenever I can! Love them:) I'm also loving your blog.

  10. I love polka dots! These are all lovely.


  11. my daughter would kill for those hello kitty boots! love your blog :)

  12. Love polka dots but don't have much in my wardrobe either

  13. I think you could totally pull off those Hello Kitty boots.

  14. I am completely dotty for dots, and I love your spectacular finds :)

    I have polka dot panties, polka dot socks, a polka dot tote, and a polka dot umbrella!!

  15. ummm yes please to it all!! i LOVE polka dots!!!