Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ugh, I Admit I Love Uggs...

I know, I know, I know. Many preps think Uggs are decidedly un-preppy. & furthermore, every other freshman girl at the local high school has a ubiquitous pair of the classic short boots in chestnut, right? So Uggs cannot possibly still be okay to wear, right?

I vote wrong. Well, okay, so maybe I wouldn't wear a pair of that style of Uggs.

But first of all, I never owned that same old pair of boots that everybody else had/has. My first Ugg purchase was actually the old Thelma style of moccasins.

(Not the less-attractive newer perforated version.)

& I still wear my oldest Uggs because they are perhaps the comfiest pair of cute shoes I've ever slid my feet into. They pretty much carried me through a winter of grad school classes, & another three winters of law school classes.

Sheepskin Dakota in Tobacco by Ugg Australia

The closest thing they seem to be carrying now is the Dakota. My old Thelmas, however, are not slippers; they are outdoor shoes with outdoor soles. & they look like penny loafers - more tailored, no ties.

(& as for tall, furry boots? Well, several years ago, I opted for the Coach Kimberly boots in black. They held up so nicely that the following year I got a pair of Coach Juniper boots in winter white. I haven't felt a need to buy any winter boots since, although I have bought ankle boots, cowgirl boots, equestrian boots, rain boots, etc. It is Alabama, so it's not like my "snow boots" get very much time out&about each year. ;))

So although I didn't really jump onto the Ugg trend, in the sense that I didn't buy the pair of Uggs that were actually trendy...I did fall in love with my Uggs.

Infant's Erin Sheepskin Boots in Soft Gold by Ugg Australia

& when it came time for Pretty Little Bare Feet's first pair of shoes, I bought her a pair of Erin baby sheepskin boots in soft gold. & her little growing pair of feet have gotten three seasons' worth of wear out of them...& numerous compliments. ;) & most importantly, she loves them!

So now that I've admitted my love for Uggs; at the risk of your criticism, I have to share some of my favorite Uggs of the season.

Mandah in Black by Jimmy Choo & Ugg Australia

(See, Jimmy Choo thinks Ugg is cool enough to collaborate with! So there! ;))

Classic Short Sparkles Sequin Boots in Gold by Ugg Australia

(I know, these are crazy, right?! But I like them. They'd be even cuter on Pretty Little Bare Feet, I'm sure. But I *think* I'm still cute&young enough to pull them off...maybe with a basic black sweater&leggings ensemble. Anyway, I *know* they'd look better on me than icky Oprah.)

Kid's Pilar Jacket in Blackberry Wine by Ugg Australia

(Love this coat for Pretty Little Bare Feet! She'd be swimming in it now, even in the 2T. But I have hope that maybe she'll be able to wear a 2T by next summer winter?)

(I think this is a cuter & much more tailored look for the "classic" style of Ugg. I think the buttons make them look more like boots & less like houseshoes. So more appropriate for wearing out&about with jeans, etc. I just don't think I can ever condone Uggs with dresses&skirts...)

Scuffette Suede Slippers in Chestnut by Ugg Australia

(Speaking of houseshoes, as we call 'em in the South...since I am aware of how delightfully cozy all of these sheepskin Ugg babies are, I think I would actually *wear* houseshoes more often if I had a pair of these. I always get cute flimsy little houseshoes, & then never wear them because socks are more comfortable&practical - especially the fuzzy ones! But our house is all hardwood floors in the downstairs, where I'm at most of the day, & these floors do get pretty cold in the winter. It'd also be nice to have something to slip on my feet - other than whatever heels I've worn that day & haven't put back in the closet yet - to run out to the mailbox or take the White Dog out.)

So, alright, out with it...if you hate Uggs, at least give me the credit that I don't love the same pair of Uggs that everybody in the world has.

(& has had for years.)

& if *you* love Uggs, are you willing to announce it? ;)


  1. I'll bite. I love Uggs and they make a lot of sense for the Midwest winters, just like the North Face fleece we have outfitted on everyone up here. I have a pair of Ultras in chocolate that get the most wear since they are actually functional in the snow. I also have a pair of the Classic Cardy Talls (black) & Baily Button (grey)the single, original short version. Kate has the Baily Button in grey to match!

  2. I LOVE UGGS! They are so comfy and warm. Blacksburg, VA is so frigid in the wintertime and UGGS keep me going!

  3. I will admit - I never wanted a pair of Uggs. But, then my mom bought me some fauxggs (maybe I made that word up; they're fake uggs) and they're the comfiest/warmest/snuggliest shoes I own. Now that I've seen this post (I really like the first pair of shoes!) I might reconsider and splurge on the real deal. :)

  4. I wear the fake uggs from Target every year. As Emma said, they are comfy and warm. Isn't that what's most important? Ugg power or in my case, fake Ugg power!

  5. Oh honey, label me tacky,,,,,
    I have the following UGGs-
    short brown
    short back
    tall chestnut!

    I want those slippers....
    I actually showed them to the Mr last week:)
    I always wear my UGGs as slippers so it's only right, right??

    Have a great day!!!

  6. I love my UGGs and have my pink slippers on right now! They are the first thing I put on when I get home from work. As for the boots, I have a pair of black ones and love them as well.

  7. Those baby Uggs are too cute! I have a pair of short chestnut Uggs, but I try not to wear them with outfits a lot. I usually just wear them to bum around in, but they are so comfy!

  8. Have you seen Meg's grey cable knit Uggs? They're darling! http://www.bonbonrosegirls.com/2010/12/champagne-saturday-getting-cozy.html

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