Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink&Green Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Okay, I am so sorry for being tardy for the pink&green party! Forgive me, Trish!

(Nope, I don't even watch the NY housewives!)

I have no good excuse, except that I just plain refused to give up on Polyvore once I'd started it for Wishful Wednesday. & quite frankly, I do not need to try to use it for this blog until I get a better grasp of it! I want so badly to have the eye of a graphic designer, but I just don't. & I get quite frustrated with myself when I can't make my visions happen the way I want them to!

So then I decided to stick to my rather difficult task of making this week's Pink&Green Thursday post all about stars&stripes. Time-consuming to be sure...

I am afraid it might be a touch unAmerican to call it pink&green Americana...since Americana is all about the

& blue!

However, there is no reason why your everyday stars&stripes can't be pink&green. & there is no reason not to focus on those patriotic symbols today - even if the colors are not patriotic.

(It's only July 1st...I don't think I run the risk of ruining holiday tradition until at least July 3rd!)

(Anchor Dinner Plates by Boatman Geller)

(all available at FineStationery)

(Atlantis Star Cobalt Blue Beadwork Ring by the Sage's Cupboard)

(source: Daydream Lily)

(Vintage Pink Tin Full of Buttons & Silk Star Tin by the Milliner's Daughter)

(Hot Pink & Green Magic Fairy Wand with Glitter Star by Paula Wells Studio)

(Songbirds Primitive Birdhouse in Summer Green & Pink with White Star by Birdhouse Accents)

(Pink&Green Stars&Stripes Cushion by Karen Hilton Designs)

(French Cottage Birdhouse in Chic Hot Pink & Grass Scallops by Bacon Square Farm)

(Handmade Shooting Stars Necktie in Green, Pink, & Yellow by the Bag Basement)

(Framed Star Print by SuZanna Anna)

(source: Sempre Skinny)

(Spring Stripe Kitchen Towel Set in Pink by Highbury at Zappos)

(Adele Stripe Top in Hotty Pink Snappy by Lilly Pulitzer)

(Callahan Seersucker Short in Hotty Pink Seerious Sucker by Lilly Pulitzer)

(both available at Lilly Pulitzer)

(Starfish Headband in Pink by Fornash)

(Sarasota Bracelet by Fornash)

(Enamel Starfish Earrings in Light Pink by Fornash)

(all available at Fornash)