Monday, July 12, 2010

Orange is the New Black

So did y'all know that today is the Twelfth? I don't just mean the random old date of July 12th either. The Twelfth is apparently a Protestant holiday in Northern Ireland - & a pretty big celebration.

Well, y'all know me. I love a celebration!

(& My Prince & I are both descendants of Irish ancestry. ;))

So head on over to ye olde Wikipedia to learn all about the historical significance of "Orangemen's Day"...

...& then celebrate along with me in your own colorful orange way, if you are so inclined!

Proper Polo in "Old School" Orange by Southern Proper

(For the gentlemen!)

(For the ladies!)

Anchor Pant in Hotty Pink Ten Speed by Lilly Pulitzer

(For the little ladies! I have the Callahan poplin shorts in this print, & I think this would be a cute mommy&Minnie look!)

Heirloom Organic Orange Calendula Flower Garden Seeds at the Bear Foot Shaman

(For the garden!)

(For the cafeteria!)

"Oranjoy" your Twelfth today! ;)


  1. Ha ha! I love it - I also love any reason to celebrate. Great pictures, luuuv all the orange!

  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing :) I also love celebrations!

  3. Why not join the party, right?! I love the organge chairs featured in that dining room! What a fun addition!!

  4. Oh, orange is one of my favorite colors! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I wore an orange cardigan today, so I was actually able to celebrate without even knowing it!

  5. I don't wear orange well, but I love all your orange pictures. Such a cheerful color!

  6. Ooo how fun, love this. That lunchbox is sooo cute! Orange is such an upbeat color.

    Have a great day :)
    xxox DJ

  7. Thanks for sharing a fun little piece of information that I didn't know. Makes for a great thing to blog about!

  8. Pretty pics! My son would LOVE this is his favorite color! :)

  9. I just came across your blog and absolutely LOVE the header! Adorable!


  10. As a Gator girl...I looooove this post!

  11. Ohhh how I adore southern tide polos! such a cute blog mam! Can't wait to follow along