Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Projects

Where have I been? Tangled up in new commitments&projects, of course.

I have taken on an appointed position on the Board of Directors at Pretty Little Bare Feet's Montessori school. I am also in the newest provisional class of our Junior League.

(I deferred last year because of everything going on with My Little Man at that time. & yes, I really must set away the $ to get a new header with My Little Man in it - I know, I know!)

I also recently decided,

after seeing a friend make some fantastic children's clothes,
& seeing a gazillion strangers on Pinterest make fantastic children's clothes,
& looking at some fabrics&patterns&PRICES at Hobby Lobby

...I must sew!

(via: Made)

I have been avoiding my sewing machine, which I received from my sweet mama for Christmas back in 2008 (right before Pretty Little Bare Feet was born). I have been intimidated by it, but I've decided just to get over my mental block about not knowing what I'm doing. Surely if I can get a law degree (it ain't easy!), I can figure out how to sew. Right? Right?!

So I've been planning&doing, finally turning a portion of our gigantic third bedroom into an office/sewing area for myself. My inspirations?

What have you been up to?

Think once I get my office like I want it, I'll be better about cleaning up the blog & updating it as regularly as I want to?

(I've also cooked up another idea for another blog, but I think it'd be NOT-anonymous, so not sure how I'm going to go about that just yet.)

"I'll think about it tomorrow." ;)


  1. Welcome to The JL! I have been active for 5 years and love it!

  2. So happy to see your post pop up on my blog roll!!! ... xo HHL

  3. Yay, I'm so glad you're back! I love your inspiration images for your sewing room! I can't wait to see what you make for your precious kids!

    And, congrats on your new position and the JL--how exciting!

  4. You have got your plate full--no wonder you don't have much time to blog! And, I'd love for a non-anonymous blog so I can get a look at your little cuties!

  5. good for you!! I was given a sewing machine this Christmas and made one shift while I was in Virginia with my mom. Since then it's been on a shelf... waiting for me... starring at me saying "aren't you gonna use me to make all those awesome pins?"