Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Staycationing

This week is Pretty Little Bare Feet's spring break. You may be thinking,

"Hmmm, isn't she only three? Is spring break that big a deal for y'all?"

Well, it definitely is, as Pretty Little Bare Feet is pretty married to her typical routine, & things that throw it off...

(like missing a whole week of nursery school) her crazy.

& when she's crazy, I'm crazy. & when we're both crazy, the house is crazy.

My Little Man? He's his usual


little self. We should all be so zen!

So although I'm smack in the middle of a cabinet&pantry cleaning-out-&-reorganization...
...& I have laundry to change over...
...this morning's stir crazies have got me needing a break.

So I want to do just an itsy bitsy bit of blog catching up & share some fun with y'all.

No surprise, I have a sticky of ideas for Pinboards. I don't want to have a bunch of lame, one-or-two item Pinboards, so I wait to create them until I actually have some great things to put on them.

I keep getting excited about bracelets, which are very probably my favorite pieces of jewelry, but I haven't ventured out into creating a Pinboard solely devoted to bracelets. Instead, they keep getting pinned to either my Pretties Pinboard or My Style Pinboard.

(Depending, of course, on whether they're more dainty&pretty...or classically stylish. ;))


  1. Bracelets are my favorite jewelry item as well! I love the J. Crew scrolled link bracelet!

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