Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterested, But Not Committed

So, I've gotten a bit of blog tidying underway, though there's still a lot to do.

Same for Twitter.
Same for my email accounts.
Same for my (personal) Facebook account.

But this Pinterest business.

I want to love Pinterest. Really, I do. It's a great concept.

But I think one of the main reasons that I just haven't committed to using it is because it is a giant pain in the tail.

Maybe I'm less technically-savvy than I thought...

(I do have Polyvore issues, too)

...but I find the entire Pinterest process annoying because it seems like it's full of glitches that should have been fixed.

(Maybe it's not Mac-friendly? It's for sure not iPhone-friendly!)

I hate the add a bookmark thing, though I understand its usefulness & can deal with it.

What drives me batty are things like...

My profile says I have one pin. No, I do not. I cleared out all my pins to start this baby over from scratch. When I click on the one pin, you do not have a pin to show me. So why does it say one pin?

My profile says I have x number of followers. So, why, when I click on this, to see my followers, do no followers come up? Those that I follow come up when I click "following," so why doesn't the other one work?

I also find it ridiculous that you say it's proper Pinterest etiquette to give credit to the original pin's source when the whole point of Pinterest seems to be the convenience of "re-pinning" in a way that already does give credit back to the original source (unlike, say, Tumblr). Am I wrong?

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is pretty much pointless on my iPhone. The mobile website is incredibly wonky, & the app is even worse. I always post my actual blog posts from my MacBook, & I do most of my email from my MacBook, at night after my children are in bed. But actually reading blogs, or doing anything on Facebook or Twitter...those are things I do from my iPhone (using wonderfully convenient apps & mobile sites) at random short intervals throughout the day, during moments when one of my children doesn't need my attention. That would also be the preferable time for something as leisurely as Pinterest.

But I'm giving it another go, albeit frustratingly (obviously).

If I start changing my mind about it, I'll let you know & share my Pinterest.

& if not,'s short. I need to get back in the habit of reading more books anyway. ;)


  1. Believe me it's not you it's Pinterest. Sometimes it works wonderfully, but mostly it doesn't. It took me a while to fully fall for pinterest, but now I absolutely love the glitch free version. PS. You've been tagged!

  2. I'm so glad to read I'm not the only one who feels Pinterest is confusing... Wishing you a wonderful Sunday..xo HHL

  3. This weekend is the first time I've found fewer glitches in THEIR system. The more I go on, the more I find I like it. As with everything, it just takes getting used to--not to mention that it can be very time consuming! Happy Sunday!

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