Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jewel Tones - Not Just for Bling!

I've previously mentioned that before I became a Lilly Pulitzer addict, it was very rare that I ventured out of my

& navy

comfort zone. & to this day, my favorite non-Lilly store for my own wardrobe is White House/Black Market.

But since discovering my beloved Lilly (& having children!), I have become more adventurous with color - most of the time.

(On my nails, at the very least!)

There wasn't a whole heck of a lot of color on the red carpet this past weekend, & I'm hoping that will change over the course of this awards season.

Because these striking jewel-toned colors...

...were fantastic looks!

For those of us that don't grace red carpets, how can we add jewel tones to our lives?

(This would add such a chic, fun pop of color to an office done in neutrals!)

Ricci Shift in Turquoise Jungle Glam Toile by Lilly Pulitzer

Large Emerald Stone Pave Ring by ABS by Allen Schwartz at Bloomingdale's

& of course we can easily infuse some of this rich color into our kids' wardrobes!:

Cobbler Lined Plaid Clogs in Garnet/Espresso by Crocs Kids at Zappos

(Oh, I know Crocs aren't cool or whatever...& believe me, I can't put them on my own feet - but children & nursery school teachers looove them!)

Kids Rory Ruffles Cardigan in Lagoon Green by Lilly Pulitzer

(You won't believe the sale price on that!)


  1. I LOVE those earrings! I love jewel tones, too! I think they look so good on everyone!

  2. Those earrings are gorgeous! Jewelry is the easiest way imaginable to add some jwel tones into your wardrobe. No pun intended.

  3. I pretty much only wear black/grey/neutral in the winter.... wish I had those earrings!