Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinteresting Update

So you know how a few weeks ago I was musing about Pinterest & not getting excited about it?


...I got excited about it!

I've been thinking maybe I could maintain the blog better if I got rid of some other "clutter." I'm thinking about just following all the bloggers I follow on Twitter on their actual blogs...


...& then deleting the Twitter account.

(or at least giving notice of its abandonment)

I'm not the greatest at maintaining my (personal, private) Facebook account, but I do it just to keep in touch with those I wouldn't otherwise easily keep in touch with.

So if I could stay relatively current on

& Pinterest...

...I'd feel "connected" enough, I think. More so than I have been, anyway! LOL

(& I'm behind on email, as usual...)

So tell me, how do *YOU* maintain your social networking?

(while presumably having a "real life")

& do you keep your blogger identity separate from your personal contacts?

Happy (long!) Weekend!


  1. I love pinterest and blogging and FB but have deliberately NOT gotten onto twitter. I have enough social media to keep track of. I know I miss out on a lot due to that, but it works for me. I also don't have ANYTHING on my phone. This way I'm not distracted when I shouldn't be. When I have computer time, then I check everything at once. That works best for me, my job, AND my family. It's hard to "downsize" as you are doing, but it may help clear some of the computer clutter!!

  2. I'm not pinning yet but I love twitter and my blog. I don't keep anything really separate. It would be too much for my brain to handle hahaha