Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lucky Charm

Although I am occasionally excited about a chunky, large piece of jewelry, my standard go-to accessories are almost all small, delicate items from

& of course there is just something classically, well, charming about little charms, don't y'all think?

Two Hearts Necklace in Gold by Gorjana at 6pm

Do you have any favorite or lucky charms?


  1. I love the sweet dandelion necklace!

    My favorites are my mother's necklace from A Gracious Plenty and my new lucky charm is the Slane Bee Pendant my wonderful husband gave me for my birthday.

  2. I have two very full charm bracelets I adore! All the charms were presents from loved ones or charms I've collected traveling and such!!!

  3. i LOVE pinterest, and I miss you blogging! :) Come back :)

  4. Nice jewelry collection. I love these designs. I am very happy to see.