Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My kiddos are going to be going to school FIVE days a week this fall!

I am going to be studying for the Bar.  But I've had a lot of thoughts running through my head in the last couple years that I've been dying to get written (typed, ugh) down.  

But this time I'm going to just get my own .com & see what happens.  Stay tuned.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Image Sourcing

Since I spend far more time on Pinterest than on my blog, I thought I'd blog about Pinterest.


I am the most OCD pinner I know.  This is because, like most everything else in my life, I am too nitpicky about the details to just relax, & pin&repin away without editing or overanalyzing.

But please tell me I am not alone.

Please tell me that there is somebody else out there that actually

goes back & edits boards from time to time,
deleting the things that are no longer inspiring for whatever reason,
or deleting that one image that detracts from the overall prettiness of its particular place in the collage.

Please tell me that there is somebody else out there that actually checks the link of an image before repinning it.

& please tell me that there is somebody else out there that will take the time to actually attempt to find an image's *original* source to pin from!

(Because really, there are so many gorgeous food images on Pinterest that in no way link back to any kind of recipe, which just drives me bananas! ;))

So, here are a few of the recent "pretties" that caught my eye, that I just had to roll up my sleeves & go hunting for a more substantial source than just a Tumblr, or a blog post that only credits another Pinboard, etc...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lucky Charm

Although I am occasionally excited about a chunky, large piece of jewelry, my standard go-to accessories are almost all small, delicate items from

& of course there is just something classically, well, charming about little charms, don't y'all think?

Two Hearts Necklace in Gold by Gorjana at 6pm

Do you have any favorite or lucky charms?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

What beautiful weather we've been having during the back-to-school season!

(Knock on wood.)

Yes, there has been some rain.  But overall, August has been much less miserably hot&muggy than its usual.  This has helped ease the transition for Pretty Little Bare Feet (who is actually sporting Sun-San Salt-Water sandals most of the time) onto this new school year's bigger playground w/ more children to befriend.

So here's to sunshine & these last few fleeting glimpses of summertime!

(via: Pose)

Colossal Dots Curtain in Yellow by Porridge at Anthropologie

Have a fun, sunshiney day today, no matter the weather! =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Blogcation

I hope everybody is having a great summer!  I have lots of blog ideas I'm looking forward to sharing soon.  Keep an eye out for me to return to blogging in August, after Pretty Little Bare Feet moves up to preschool, & we adjust to our new fall routine.  In the meantime you can always find me pinning!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Guided by Glitter

I apologize for blog neglect.  If you've been a longtime reader, you'll recall that I did not start blogging until Pretty Little Bare Feet was more than six months old, & I did not actually post with any regularity until she was more than a year old (with a somewhat established naptime).  So, considering My Little Man is six days from being a year old...

(I can't believe it!)'s not that surprising that I haven't been the best blogger lately.  I'm also planning a relatively big pirate-themed 1st Birthday party.  & summer is always a bit more chaotic since regular "school-year" activities quiet down.

(Yes, even for three-year-olds.)

Furthermore, even though it is glaringly obvious every evening that Pretty Little Bare Feet still needs an afternoon nap, she rarely takes one.

I do intend to commit some more time to the blog once I get an updated header, & start editing the sidebars & updating the look.

You can find me "posting" a lot more frequently on Pinterest.  I do love&adore Pinterest!

Anyway, while I'm taking this downtime, let me share with y'all my current favorite daily blog read. Are y'all following the Glitter Guide yet?  You must!

(all via the Glitter Guide)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rag & Bone

Whoa, hello, crazy new Blogger look!  Am I the only one who really resists change & prefers to just be a creature of habit...comfortable with the old, the routine?

Well, I'll try to deal with it anyway, since it's been a bit since I updated. ;) Maybe the new Blogger look will inspire me to get my old blog clean&updated, too!

I've been meaning to post about this for a couple I the last one to notice how great Rag&Bone is?!  I know I tried on a pair of their jeans at a boutique a couple years ago, but it's not a designer I consistently expect great things from or keep an eye on.  Or at least it wasn't until recently!

I have been really admiring some looks in their current collection...& thinking how well they'd carry me through some of my current routines -

the country club,
the dance school,
the gym (for Pretty Little Bare Feet's gymnastics - I exercise at home alone! LOL),
the Junior League,
Montessori nursery school,
the occasional cocktails & chick flick date with a girlfriend,

(Just a few reasons I haven't been the best at updating! Sorry!)